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  1. HJ :)

    Bunny waking me up at night

    I think he needs more space, and that is why he is biting the bars. It meets the minimum, but I've never seen a rabbit happy in that size of a cage. I'd recommend upgrading to a 16 square foot exercise pen, or free-roaming if possible.
  2. HJ :)

    Bunny waking me up at night

    How big is his cage? No matter how long he is out of his cage it still may not be big enough. Does he have toys? He needs 3 or 4 toys that are enriching for him to play with. Does he have hay at night? Hay is vital and it could give him food if he is hungry at night.
  3. HJ :)

    Litter box training

    Changing the litter box to a nice sized cat litter box will help. Either getting a very large hay box with big opening or leaving the hay there in a pile will also help. Neutering helps a lot! Soak up the urine like @amdezo said, then put it in the litter box. Leave the poos there for 24 hours...
  4. HJ :)

    are groundhogs a threat to rabbits?

    I agree with @Mariam+Theo, I don't think it would be a problem as long as the groundhogs can't get in.
  5. HJ :)

    What's your bun's hair grooming brush?

    Where are you looking? It's on Small Pet Select for $20 (£15)! https://shop.smallpetselect.com/collections/grooming-supplies-for-rabbits/products/hair-buster-comb
  6. HJ :)

    What's your bun's hair grooming brush?

    Yes! That's what the hair buster is!
  7. HJ :)

    What's your bun's hair grooming brush?

    I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Grooming-Shedding-Stainless-HairBuster-DeShedding/dp/B07KWP1JQZ/ref=sr_1_8?crid=3QG73BIK55EUO&dchild=1&keywords=rabbit+brush&qid=1601470165&sprefix=rabbit+br%2Caps%2C223&sr=8-8 I'm going to switch over to the Hair Buster soon.
  8. HJ :)

    Digestive supplements

    I recommend the Sherwood Digestive Support Tablets!
  9. HJ :)

    Healthy Treats?

    If you do try to dry them, don't dry them by microwave, because the burn. (I've done that 😆)
  10. HJ :)

    What breed is your rabbit(s)?

    I have a mini lop also, she is adorable, but I cant seem to get a picture of her.
  11. HJ :)

    Healthy Treats?

    I recommend dried willow leaves. Also an occasional piece of fruit is great to.
  12. HJ :)

    Happy International Rabbit Day !!

    Happy bunny day Lucas and Theo! -Oreo
  13. HJ :)

    Good pellets that don’t come in small size

    Thanks! I will look for pellets that size.
  14. HJ :)

    Good pellets that don’t come in small size

    Can you put a picture of the pellets so I can see the size? I'd like to see the size, so someone could hopefully find similar sized pellets.
  15. HJ :)

    Switching to 100% Organic Pellets!

    I don't think Modesto Milling would be the best, as @Lucas the Bun 💕🐇 said, it includes cinnamon which isn't the greatest. Also a lot of reviews said it was crumbly, and Hooks Holland (a holland lop breeder) on YouTube said that when she used it, it was very crumbly. I'd recommend Sherwood.
  16. HJ :)

    My Favorite Rabbit Info Sources

    Those are great sources! I never thought of them! :)
  17. HJ :)

    What Breed would be Best for Me?

    Out of the rabbits you have listed, I would recommend getting a holland lop or netherland dwarf. I also reccomend checking out sources other than Lennon the Bunny, as Lennon the Bunny's videos should be taken with a grain of salt (I like Stormy Rabbits and 101 Rabbits).
  18. HJ :)

    Need Educated on Hay

    Also, the hay I use is a mixture of meadow hay and timothy hay if that tells you anything!
  19. HJ :)

    Bunny scared of brush

    What brush do you have? It may be sharp and pokey so she associates it with pain and being poked. Brushing Tips: Instead of brushing, wet your hand very lightly and pet away. The fur will stick to your hand. Brushing while they are eating is great for distracting them. Give her a treat whenever...