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  1. FuzzyBunny ph

    Vet-made pet essential oils

    Thanks for your inputs @Hermelin and @Diane R! Diane, I was supposed to PM you about this but I already know what your answer was going to be! 😆
  2. FuzzyBunny ph

    Vet-made pet essential oils

    I found out from one of the facebook rabbit groups about an essential oil created by a vet for pets called Animaleo. I still do believe that any form of strong fragrance that may seem pleasant to us can be harmful to our buns, but whats your take on this? Here's their take on their essential...
  3. FuzzyBunny ph

    Dextrose Powder

    Thank you so much for this, @JBun! that was very insightful =)
  4. FuzzyBunny ph

    Dextrose Powder

    @JBun Thank you! very interesting, I never heard of "heat stress" before. :) Would it be better to just give electorolytes without any dextrose? Given this, is it okay to say that giving dextrose is not advisable without consulting a vet? There are also some people who give this as their...
  5. FuzzyBunny ph

    Dextrose Powder

    thank you @Hermelin! your insight was very helpful =)
  6. FuzzyBunny ph

    Snacks stash suggestions

    oh my I'm so sorry 😂 I'm just too used to giving rabbit advices LOL! but hey! one of my friend's sister tried the FibaFirst sticks and said it tastes like wood 😂
  7. FuzzyBunny ph

    Dextrose Powder

    Thank you for this! Regarding the Honey mixed in water, thats a no-no also, correct? 'Cause from what I know, honey is a no-no to bunnies
  8. FuzzyBunny ph

    My Rabbit is Getting Aggressive

    hmm does he only try to bite you when he's coming out from under the bed? I'm thinking maybe you startle him when you try to make up the bed. or maybe you have a different smell when you go to the bed? They will usually attack their hooman if the hooman will smell like another bun or smell...
  9. FuzzyBunny ph

    Dextrose Powder

    Does anyone here give Dextrose Powder to their bunny as a form of first aid? It bothers me that a lot of people in the philippine rabbit community tend to give this for ANY situation: stasis, diarrhea, e.cuniculi, heat stroke, you name it, that is what they will recommend. I personally...
  10. FuzzyBunny ph

    Snacks stash suggestions

    FibaFirst Sticks from Supreme is a good choice! I heard you can give up to 5sticks a day =D But If they get hungry at night, then be sure to fillup their hay rack before you go to bed so they have something to munch on :)
  11. FuzzyBunny ph

    Small Pet Select Officially in the Philippines

    I know there are a handful of Filipino rabbit owners in the forum, I would just want to announce that our friend is now the official distributor of Small Pet Select! A brand that I've been dreaming of trying since 2011 is officially in the Philippines! Yes, I know there are already sellers that...
  12. FuzzyBunny ph

    Adopted bun has ring on his foot

    oh my, I never knew this was a thing! I only knew about the ear tattoos :( If you cannot remove it on your own, I would ask help from our vet.
  13. FuzzyBunny ph

    random question- what shampoo/conditioner do you use?

    at first I thought you were asking about a shampoo for bunnies! I was gonna panic lol! My answer might not be as helpful as I use a locally made shampoo bar which helps with my hairfall :)
  14. FuzzyBunny ph

    In a predicament: Can I leave my bunny home for three days?

    last resort...would leaving him at the vet work? It might be a bit pricey but at least he'll be with those who know what to do if something happens :) *knocks on wood
  15. FuzzyBunny ph

    Need help for my bunny.

    oh perfect! Manila East Veterinary Care is near south caloocan, you can look for doc lester =) their clinic details are in the link I gave you =)
  16. FuzzyBunny ph

    Need help for my bunny.

    Where is 911 clinic? I dont think Coatshine is vitamins and bunnies don't need vitamins as they can produce their own VitaminC, too much vit C could cause complications :( Where is Petlink? Who's their exotic vet? and where are you from exactly? 😅 I traveled from las pinas to mandaluyong one...
  17. FuzzyBunny ph

    Need help for my bunny.

    hello! I'm gonna ask a bunch of questions if you don't mind :) One is, san po kayo sa pinas? :) Which vet did you go to? Was he an exotic vet? What meds did s/he prescribe? If vet is not an exotic vet, then I'm hoping someone from this list is near you. If not, some of the clinics in the list...
  18. FuzzyBunny ph

    Rabbit has "eye boogers" ??

    if its just small like what we get, possible that bunny's eye got irritated due to the hay :) But take note if it becomes a lot and gets watery already, might be abscess :( so a vet checkup would be needed for that :)
  19. FuzzyBunny ph

    Any suggestions for flooring?

    hmm maybe some memory foam mats or fleece? or puzzlemats covered in fleece? :)
  20. FuzzyBunny ph

    Is my bunny of 2 days pregnant??

    Have you had her have an initial checkup yet? The vet can confirm if she's pregnant or what :) And yes, neutered bunnies take 2months for their hormones to die down which is why it is advised to keep him separated first as what @zuppa said :)