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    Red in rabbit eye

    hi guys, so earlier today i noticed that Bellas one eye was cloudier than usual and had like a red dot in it. She already has occassional watery eyes (shes been dealing with it since she was a baby, and i have been seeking treatment for it each time it comes back) but this seems different. I...
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    Help destructive bunny

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I think im going to try making a diy linoleum flooring snd see how he reacts with that. He isn't a big cardboard fan and tends to push the cardboard away whenever i use it as a barrier (and i think he'll completely destroy foam mats so im kinda scared of...
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    Help destructive bunny

    I've also been looking into various foraging mats/toys for them to allow them to still engage in their natural digging/chewing instincts, if you guys have any suggestions on different foraging activities for them- that would be awesome!
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    Help destructive bunny

    Unfortunately my rooms are fully carpeted so i don't have that option at the moment. He doesn't seem to eat the carpet fibers though since i see the bits of carpet pulled out loosely around the area he goes at.
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    Help destructive bunny

    hey guys, so lately my male bunny has been a little obsessed with digging and pulling at my carpet. He is neutered, does have a female companion (who doesn't engage in this behavior at all) and ive had him for about 3months now. When i first had him (before bonding and in a gated area), i did...
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    whos poop is whos?

    Hi all, I was just seeking advice on how to know what poop belongs to what rabbit. I'm trying to figure out which one of my rabbits is having the "pearl necklace" poops and it seems impossible to find out. Both of my bunnies are currently moulting (even with constant brushing, it has been non...
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    Bonding question

    I don't know if anyone would have an answer for this, but i noticed that after everytime they share their greens- my female bunny mounts the male (his face too so i usually have to move her to the back of him). Im pretty sure its a dominance thing but it usually is what starts their little...
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    Bonding question

    hi guys! So my two rabbits seem to be getting along very well now, yesterday i had left them alone for almost 12hours in their neutral space and there were no fights. They are constantly grooming each other, they are good with sharing all the toys, the litter box and even their food and water...
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    More bonding questions

    so its been about 5 days of face to face bonding between my fixed female and fixed male (almost a month hes been fixed) and I had a question regarding their interaction. So the first 3 days, i did about 20mins to an hour sessions a day (they seemed to be okay in one anothers company so it...
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    Bonding question

    Update: So i waited a few more days and slowly introduced them by doing longer side by side cage visits and then eventually i let one of them roam around the other ones cage for a bit. They seemed okay enough to try to do an actual face to face meet so i put them in the bathtub together and they...
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    Bonding question

    Hi guys, so i had a quick question about bonding. So i got another rabbit recently and had him neutered and its been about 2.5 weeks since he got snipped. Ive been keeping him and my female rabbit apart but have been doing gate visits for them to get to know each other's scents. But last night...
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    Watery eye

    Hi, I know this is a super late response, but my rabbit seems to have the same problem (even since she was a baby) - i was wondering if you ever determined what the cause of it was for your bun?
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    Local hay farms in Ontario?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a place that sells hay for cheap that delivers to or is in Ontario. Petsmart hay is way too expensive when buying for two buns, so I'm trying to find a website or place that sells it for cheap and in bulk. Thanks :)
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    What breeds our my rabbits?

    So i have an idea of what they may be but i wanted to see some other opinions! Bella- shes the grey one with helicopter ears. I think she is a dwarf mixed chinchilla lop (based on her coloring and ears). George- hes the white one with tanned spots. Im like 99% sure hes a netherlands dwarf...
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    Read below

    Yeah that sounds like a good idea, im just super excited for my other bunny to finally have a friend and i cant wait to introduce them 😂
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    Read below

    hi guys, so im planning to get my 1 year old, spayed female bunny a partner and after months of searching ive fallen in love with another bun. He is 1 years old too and is so adorable, the only thing is that he is not neutered. So i have made a plan of getting him neutered as soon as i get him...
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    Mint strawberry plant

    It is just a sort of mint, I think its just somehow infused with strawberry (I'm not a gardener so i dont know how it actually works😂). Thanks for the response :)
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    Mint strawberry plant

    Hi all, the other day I saw a strawberry mint plant at the store and I'm wondering if it would be safe to give to my rabbit as a treat?
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    Hey everyone, lately I've noticed that my bunny is in need of more toys (most of her toys are worn out or shes over them😫). I find that Petsmarts toys are all the same and ive visited some online shops (most have been a bit pricey though), and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on...
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    Runny nose

    hi all, recently I've noticed that my bun's nose has been unusually more runny than usual and this morning when I was checking it out, i noticed that she had a yellow stain inside her nostril. Ive been looking for any other symptoms of a respiratory infection and I haven't seen any other signs...