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  1. Hoolia

    Retired Show Rabbit Adjusting to House Life

    So I spent an evening helping him figure out jumping in and out of the litter box and now that he’s got it down he’s SO excited! He loves roaming around his little run. I built a hiding house for him because he didnt seem to like the box i put in, and he sleeps in it every night and crawls out...
  2. Hoolia

    Retired Show Rabbit Adjusting to House Life

    So my newest addition is taking his time to figure out house life. He’s been an outdoor hutch bunny his whole life and as such he’s never had to experience obstacles or different planes before. So having a litter box and even an extra, folded blanket in his new cage register as “i cannot move...
  3. Hoolia

    New Rabbit Won’t Eat Old Food?

    I gave him a full bowl of the new pellets before i left for work this morning, the bowl is now half empty and his poops have gone back to normal in size! All my rabbits eat Selective Naturals: Grain Free pellets
  4. Hoolia

    New Rabbit Won’t Eat Old Food?

    he wasnt really eating on saturday which i realized was because he also wasnt drinking. Before i freaked out about something being wrong, i put the water in front of his face and he drank for like 20 minutes. (He didnt drink because he wont leave the litter box and the water bowl was just...
  5. Hoolia

    New Rabbit Won’t Eat Old Food?

    is this even a real problem?? It seems like maybe a problem, I don’t wanna upset his tummy but like... the boy wants what he wants i guess???? Muffin has been on essentially the same diet for 7 years. I brought him home on friday, mixed a liiittle bit of my food in with his old food and so far...
  6. Hoolia

    Bringing home another fuzzy face!

    I was actually thinking of bonding him with my holland lop because my lionlop has TOO much energy for this old man (even though they’re the same age lol) im just hesitant because my holland has a weaker immune system, making him prone to mites and infections and i dont want to put something with...
  7. Hoolia

    Bringing home another fuzzy face!

    My friend and coworker is rehoming some of her rabbits and is entrusting her most darling angel boy to me! I have to wait like two more hours to bring him home so im just venting about how excited i am. I have his little enclosure set up next to my bed. A 4x2 grid run lined with puppy pads and...
  8. Hoolia

    What's you buns favourite food ?

    The constant for my oldest man, Jackson, is banana! When he was younger, if he even smelled a banana being peeled he and his mate would start making a scene. If they were out and i was bringing a banana up the stairs, sure enough two little fuzzy faces would be waiting at the top of the stairs...
  9. Hoolia

    Senior Bunny Litter Box

    It’s definitely randomly around the room. I think his bladder just gives out wherever he is and he doesnt have control over it because he doesnt even seem aware that it’s happening. I’ll definitely be looking into waterproof fleece!
  10. Hoolia

    Senior Bunny Litter Box

    Does anyone have any advice on keeping a blind senior rabbit’s living space cleaner? Jackson is quite elderly now and i think he can’t jump into his litter box anymore. He and his partner have an x-pen enclosure now and he stays behind when the door is open. The lip of the x-pen door is about as...
  11. Hoolia

    Rabbits Ignoring Each Other

    I recently rescued an older bunny (Pup, 6y) to bond with my very old blind boy (Jackson, 9) who lost both his mates last year. Since my old man isn’t aggressive or territorial in the slightest, bonding him has never been hard. The new bunny I have found isn’t territorial either so I’ve been...
  12. Hoolia

    Bonding Giants

    I've been nervous about bonding my flemish giants because they're so big and one of them is rabbit aggressive. Mrs Brown (3.75y/spayed/10lbs) has been living next to her son Gobi (2y/neutered/17lbs) and Jackson (8y/neutered/4lbs/deaf and blind) for ~2 months now, separated by a baby gate. Mrs...
  13. Hoolia

    Your Pets

    I have 2 dogs and 4 rabbits! Rascal, my loyal and loving puddle of butterscotch pudding Golden Retriever Yogi, a chihuahua mix my brother allegedly rescued from an abusive home. Jackson, my oldest and smallest bunny. A deaf-since-birth Holland lop Chestnut, a chinchilla/chestnut mini lop and...
  14. Hoolia

    Why did you choose a rabbit as a pet? What you love?

    My stepdad's friends adopted a holland lop they named Miss Cuddles. When my mom and stepdad met the little bunny they were instantly charmed by her and the couple who owned her mentioned that the breeder had a couple of boys she needed to find homes for. So they decided we'd get that pair of...
  15. Hoolia

    HELP!! My bunny stole my heart and wont give it back!!

    As i write this the thief is buried into my arm, licking my sleeve. Some of you may remember the flemish giant my boyfriend and I rescued earlier this year, Mrs. Brown. She is the most unfathomably sweet, wonderful rabbit i have ever met. She's recently started jumping up on the bed on her own...
  16. Hoolia

    Holland Lop Bunny 4 Months Old

    too precious, I'm calling the cops
  17. Hoolia

    How Do I Feed My Fat Giant?

    Yeah he's pretty lazy so diet is gonna be my first resort, but how far should I cut back on his pellets? At his current weight he would be eating a whole cup a day if we go by 1/4 cup per 5lbs of rabbit. Is cutting him down to 3/4 cup low enough? is it too low?
  18. Hoolia

    How Do I Feed My Fat Giant?

    Gobi feels obese. I can't feel his ribs or hips at all. He has fatty rolls on his legs and behind his shoulder blades and he has a very hard time grooming himself which makes his coat exceptionally thick from molts not even reaching the surface. By comparison, his mother feels very sleek and...
  19. Hoolia

    How Do I Feed My Fat Giant?

    Finally took Gobi to the vet to be weighed and ask for a diet recommendation. He's just a hair over 19lbs and has been free fed about a cup of food 2x daily with his very small mates. They have been maintaining pretty healthy weights, Gobi has just been getting fatter and fatter since he bonded...
  20. Hoolia

    Rabbits avoiding their litterbox

    Putting food between the box and the wall seemed to help Gobi with his initial training, and helped Mrs. Brown recently. But the trio goes EVERYWHERE. No specific spot, just chaos all over the room from one side to the other. I just don't know what to do. They don't have a specific spot they...