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  1. TreasuredFriend

    Bleeding nail!!

    One of our disabled girls quickly jerked her leg back while we were trimming her nails (snuggled in a towel). Her nail came out at the base! We used pressure to stop the bleeding. I can't recall if we also applied styptic powder or flour ? Her removed nail area was monitored for infection...
  2. TreasuredFriend

    Bleeding nail!!

    Article on baking soda and rabbits:
  3. TreasuredFriend

    Bunny with dislocated or fractured leg! Help!

    One of the DVMs at the clinic thought her fx femur would not heal, and surgery was essential. Our gal proved them wrong. I'm glad the other two partner vets listened to my concerns... there was no way I'd put my elder gal through amputation and three thousand dollar (or more) surgery. She...
  4. TreasuredFriend

    Bunny with dislocated or fractured leg! Help!

    A nearly 12 y.o. dutch who had multiple levels in her padded area ex-pen mysteriously couldn't hop properly. She may have caught her leg in a space that caused the break. Our vet clinic said bring her over immediately! Xray showed a fractured (fx) femur. Vet advice was: surgery...
  5. TreasuredFriend

    Brown pee? - plus Georgia House Rabbit Society have extensive information published on rabbit care and behavior, also. It's great to see you asking Qs about your rabbit's health! At a DVM appt. for our spayed girl who had a bladder stone and was peeing blood with her...
  6. TreasuredFriend

    Brown pee?
  7. TreasuredFriend

    Brown pee?
  8. TreasuredFriend

    Brown pee?
  9. TreasuredFriend

    Bunny still flicking pee - help?

    The rescue gave you the neuter date and name of the vet who neutered him, correct? His testicles are deflated, correct?
  10. TreasuredFriend

    Bunny still flicking pee - help?

    What is the territorial stage you are describing? Our neutered males , 99.5 % of the time, would not spray or fling pee.
  11. TreasuredFriend

    Best orchard grass hay?

    We'll purchase bales from the local House Rabbit Society. Do you have a rescue or HRS chapter in your area that sells orchard grass with occasional stalky clover stems? Costs more per bales than purchasing elsewhere, however the extra funds go to help rescue efforts. We supplement our...
  12. TreasuredFriend

    Rabbits feet sore?

    Our sanctuary crew or rescues have folded soft cotton sheets, towels, or low-weave carpet pads w/a layer of cotton sheets in their xpens or housing quads. Every family member will enjoy the soft matting, rugs, etc. as long as you don't have a chewer of indigestible material. We learned...
  13. TreasuredFriend

    Rabbits feet sore?

    Pics of sore hocks:
  14. TreasuredFriend

    Please help! My bunny’s paws don’t look good- pic included!

    Pictures of sore hocks:
  15. TreasuredFriend

    Rabbit aggression? A couple extra links ^ on aggressive behavior -- and please see the excellent info in the link by -- Nodding my head all the time wrt RO...
  16. TreasuredFriend

    Best greens to give bunny?

    Our crew range in size from 3.5 pounds to 9 lbs. Our rescued Flemmie mix may weigh over 9 lb. One romaine leaf in the a.m., with Oxbow Joint Support Tab. In the evening less than a cup to a cup and a half of mixed greens; primarily romaine, cilantro, small celery slices, thin carrot, sweet...
  17. TreasuredFriend

    4 H bunnies

    I asked the lady in the rabbit tent about the 4H rabbits. This was the answer: "We don't believe they have emotions or feelings. We have different goals than the humane society."
  18. TreasuredFriend

    How to get my rabbit to lose weight??

    Following. Our rescued buns typically live to age 13 1/2 years. We stop alfalfa pellets right around 5-6 months, and add an alfalfa pellet when our seniors need the extra nutrition. Our crew receive minimal pellets, less than 2 T. each day. Definitely tons of hay. (Our crew get out for...
  19. TreasuredFriend

    How to get my rabbit to lose weight??

    BlueEyes, didn't know that romaine has more calories than red or green leaf lettuce. Thanks for that info.
  20. TreasuredFriend

    Bonding Unspayed Females

    I'll look in the book Discarded Rabbits by Lucile Moore with Debby Widolf. They discuss the crisis of abandoned rabbits, and certain rabbit-savvy individuals having large colonies. Does anyone have that book? Will see what their experiences are when hoarding requires intervention? And...
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