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  1. Kaitlynrose89

    Help!! Is nail polish poisonous?!

    My sneaky little bun got up on my coffee table and Tipped over my nail polish and he got some on his fur! He keeps licking it and darts around the house once he gets the taste in his mouth. I don’t know what his fascination is with nail polish but he ALWAYS try’s to do this when I’m painting my...
  2. Kaitlynrose89

    Needing advice!! To neuter or not???

    I have a 6 month old mini lop male. I’ve had him for about 3 months now. He is a free roam. Does not go in a cage ever. We bonded very quick and He is so sweet and has to be near me at all times. Or he runs around the house searching for me! He has never bitten or been aggressive towards anyone...