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  1. Smile414

    How much of a vet fund should I set up?

    Hi there, I was wondering, how much of a vet fund should I set up for a rabbit? Thanks! :)
  2. Smile414

    How much Hay would a dwarf rabbit go through in a month?

    I was wondering (i know rabbits need unlimited) but how much hay do dwarfs go through in a month?
  3. Smile414

    Hamster or Rabbit

    Hi there. I know this probably isn’t the best place to ask since opinions might be biased since after all this is a rabbit forum. However, I’ll give it a shot. I’ve been thinking about getting either a rabbit or a Hamster. Which one would you think is better?
  4. Smile414

    What type of litter?

    Hi there! I’ve heard that rabbits can’t use certain litter types. Which types can they use? And what is the cheapest?
  5. Smile414

    What would happen if a rabbit eats alfalfa/Timothy mix?

    Hi there! I know alfalfa hay is meant for younger rabbits to get the nutrients they need, and not for older rabbits. However most of the hay I find on farm or websites meant for those type of stuff is a mix of alfalfa and Timothy. I don’t feel like that would be the best, however I’m still...
  6. Smile414

    Best place to get hay?

    Hi there, I’ve researching a lot and learned that rabbits need unlimited hay, however timothy hay is really expensive. Any tips on where to get cheaper hay ( during pandemic). And how much hay does a rabbit go through in a month (in lbs would be helpful) I was wondering cause I like to...
  7. Smile414

    Free roaming entire house?

    Hi there! I was wondering, Is it a good idea to freeroam a bunny for a whole house. How many people normally do it? I feel like I would, however my house is large and im afraid that the bunny might get lost, or not find her food or litter bo.
  8. Smile414

    Hooded or not litter box?

    Hi there! I was wondering, should rabbit litter boxes be hooded, or not? And why would one be better than the other?
  9. Smile414

    Do rabbits need annual checkups?

    Hi there. I was wondering. Do rabbits need annual vet check ups like dogs and cats? Thanks!
  10. Smile414

    Do rabbits need vaccinations?

    Hello I’m new! And looking to know more about cute little bunnies! Do rabbits need vaccinations? If so how much do they cost?