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  1. Spectralmoon

    How early is too early (age/ownership) to introduce a new bunny?

    Hello! I'm looking at a picture of another bunny up for sale and wondering... is it too soon to bring another bunny home? Little Star is 9-10 weeks old and she's been here for about 3 weeks. The house she was born at held the litter frequently, so she has always been friendly. We get along very...
  2. Spectralmoon

    Bunny chat

    My name is Little Starlight, but my human mom calls me Star. I'm almost 10 weeks old, maybe 2lbs, so about 1kg? I'm pretty small still, even though I eat like a moose. I'll ask her to weigh me when she gets home. You do look a lot like my Holland lop mom because of her markings, but your...
  3. Spectralmoon

    Bunny chat

    Hi Catlyn! We do look a lot alike! We even look like we have the same helicopter ears! My mom was a broken black (black and white spotted) Holland Lop, and my dad was a Blanc de Hotot (a white breed with black/gray ear tips and "eyeliner"). I think I look a lot more like my mom, but my left...
  4. Spectralmoon

    Bunny chat

    So yesterday I got a bunch of new toys to tug on and fling around, and today I got to run and dig on the couch. I also got to have an official face to face meet with my foster sister! I wanted to hang out more but I think she was busy because she wouldn't stay still. When she laid down I tried...
  5. Spectralmoon

    How Old Are Your Rabbits?

    Little Starlight is 9 weeks old.
  6. Spectralmoon

    Rabbit Picture Thread! - Share those cutie pies!

    Little Starlight wedged between her frozen bottle and her new toy, with sassy ears a-spinnin' .
  7. Spectralmoon

    Artist Pet Peeves?

    My pet peeve is having my original project/offer turned into something entirely different. Example: I do a small bit of everything for an amount of time. Right now I'm sculpting. My current project is to make a backflow incense burner (an incense burner that uses incense cones instead of...
  8. Spectralmoon

    Get to know each other game!

    True. I am a competitive sleeper. 🤣 Just kidding. I play badminton sometimes. I played on my high school team way back when too. Yes, we had a team. I stayed on it to get out of running laps in general P.E. The person below me has another pet that gets along with their bunny(ies).
  9. Spectralmoon

    Any other pets? :)

    That bed is ADORABLE!!! We just got these two today. These are Bowie and Ziggy.
  10. Spectralmoon

    Share your day :)

    Today I went out with my mom and helped her pick out two new parakeet friends. We kind of drove all over town to go to three stores; one had the cage, one had the birds, and the last had ALL the toys. Picked up a few things for Little Starlight and my cat Ashes to make the trips worth it...
  11. Spectralmoon

    Any other pets? :)

    Aww, she looks so soft.
  12. Spectralmoon

    A little warm outside this week ;)

    It was 65F this morning when I went walking. Needed a coat. Griped the whole way.
  13. Spectralmoon

    Get to know each other game!

    False. I only have one bunny and haven't attempted any bonding. The person below me has been cleaning out their closet lately.
  14. Spectralmoon

    Can an adult cat and young rabbit become friends?

    Congrats on moving in together! I personally have an adult cat (5 years old) and a baby bunny. The introduction went just fine for me. Here's what I did. I held my bunny in my lap and in my arms for about 20 minutes or so, seated in a chair, while also petting my cat on the ground. I'd pet the...
  15. Spectralmoon

    Any tips for traveling with a bunny ?

    I don't know about the pet policies. For being out and around, I'd recommend a covered stroller or something so your bun can feel the wind and smell all the things but not be a temptation to predators, or possibly be at risk for RHDV2.
  16. Spectralmoon

    Get to know each other game!

    True. All forms. The person below me goes for night walks.
  17. Spectralmoon

    Get to know each other game!

    False. I might be able to sit through it with someone, but I won't watch them on my own. The person below me drives an SUV.
  18. Spectralmoon

    A little warm outside this week ;)

    I'm a little jealous. I love dry heat. It's moderate here but the humidity creeps in. I'd rather feel like I were near a fire than to walk outside and be sweating before I see the sun.
  19. Spectralmoon

    Get to know each other game!

    Probably false... I'm pretty shy and don't keep up with IG at all. The person below me collects something pretty cool.
  20. Spectralmoon

    Leporidae Online Game

    I registered on Monday, but I'm still waiting on an email verification.