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  1. hasek39

    Hidey hut found at Target

    That looks comfy.... if that was my hidey hut, I wouldn't want to leave it and I'd pee in it. No worries Lucas, you wouldn't have to clean it 😂
  2. hasek39

    Hidey hut found at Target

    I found this at Target today. Before I got LB and was buying everything for when she arrived, I got the largest Oxbow hut. When LB joined us, that hut was far to small for a 5 pound (2.3 kg) rabbit. This hut from Target I put a can of cat food in so you can get a feel for the size. $20 USD. The...
  3. hasek39

    DIY manual Hay Bale Press

    That's awesome Preitler.
  4. hasek39

    Deterring foxes

    Hey Howard, I don't have much knowledge about fox deterrents. In regards to you asking if you're being to cautious, I will say absolutely not. The reason being, even if your set up is overkill, it's giving you peace of mind. Below are a couple ideas if you want more "protection". Here's a...
  5. hasek39

    What is your opinion on the brand Kaytee for food?

    Maybe I was a little harsh, however each of the other replies say be wary. When the chances are good of other brands being within reach of the Kaytee, my thoughts are why wouldn't I support a company that has the creature in my care's best interest with quality ingredients rather than a company:
  6. hasek39

    Best flooring, open bottom cage, litter training?

    That's pretty much what I did however I got a piece of plywood about 13mm thick and cut it a bigger than the condo I built then placed vinyl stick on tiles. It works great and cleans up easy. One tip if you do go that route, get stick on tiles that have as much texture as possible so your bunny...
  7. hasek39

    What is your opinion on the brand Kaytee for food?

    There's ALL kinds of red flags in there. I wouldn't give that guano to LB. It'd go right in the trash. Actually, if it says Kaytee on it, I believe most any knowledged person walks the other way.
  8. hasek39

    Best Litter Boxes & How To Create a Homeade Grate

    That's pretty cool @Happy Hollands , thanks for sharing.
  9. hasek39

    My Backyard Bunny

    Happy birthday to you two. As for the YT channel, if you want to do that, do it. Pretty much in life, with a lot of things people will have different thoughts and bash people that don't abide by their thoughts. Nor would they care that you take way better care of outdoor Theo than many people...
  10. hasek39

    Trying to gauge if the date of my rabbit's oncology consult is reasonable or if I'm just being a helicopter mom?

    I don't know anything about thymoma, however 5 days for a response with multiple tries from you? I'd be looking for a new vet. Covid or not, that's a complete lack of professionalism and customer service.
  11. hasek39

    RHDV2 safety statements from Sherwood, Oxbow, & Small Pet Select

    Small Pet Select's Statement: https://shop.smallpetselect.com/pages/rabbit-hemorrhagic-disease-rhdv2-updates
  12. hasek39

    Are these horse stall pellets safe for bunny litter?

    The one MajorV pictured above @Blue eyes : https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/tractor-supply-pine-pellet-stall-bedding-40-lb
  13. hasek39

    Any recomendations for carriers 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thank You

    I found a cat/ankle biter dog sized hard carrier at either Ollie's or Big Lots for less than $20, then got one of those cat beds for $4 for inside. If you have some type of one of those outlet stores in your area, check it out if you wish to save a few $$$ I was at a chain pet store after that...
  14. hasek39

    Are these horse stall pellets safe for bunny litter?

    That's interesting after doing a search on TS Canada's site they don't seem to have the TS branded ones you recommended to me Blue Eyes that are only available in the U.S.? https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/tractor-supply-pine-pellet-stall-bedding-40-lb
  15. hasek39


    Came across this article on Twitter. Then I thought to myself, is Roger Teeter doing a binky? 🤣 http://www.simplyrabbits.com/why-do-rabbits-binky/
  16. hasek39

    Exciting news - for me at least 😆

    That's great AS. I'm excited for you!
  17. hasek39

    FREE for rabbits

    @wee willie I'm sorry to read that Marsha. It's very cool you are helping someone out with your uneeded items. If no one gets in touch with you, maybe contact a rescue. GET YOU PHONE NUMBER OFF OF A FORUM POST. If anyone is interested, they can send you a message.
  18. hasek39

    HUGE Hay Box!

    That's the ticket AS. One of the benefits of doing it yourself is you can customize the dimensions. It looks to be a pretty simple build. Finished lumber isn't cheap, I'm guesstimating you can build that for about $50 USD or 42 euro.
  19. hasek39

    A little warm outside this week ;)

    Yikes Blue Eyes. Dry heat or not, hot is hot. We have a break this week low 90s instead of mid 90's. This time of year we're rolling 90+% humidity. I very much dislike the heat and would prefer being back home in Ohio.
  20. hasek39

    Take a bunny quiz

    LOL, I forgot to mention my 4/10. I took the quiz before checking out the web site. Yeah Mac & OtML, I'm not done reading through that site but am learning a lot.... good stuff.