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  1. Megamuffin

    Disapproving Bunnies II

    Snugs and his Christmas sweater
  2. Megamuffin

    Bunny's first plane ride

    Hey everyone! My bunny is taking an hour and a half flight home with me for Christmas this year. Any tips/advice for plane travel? I got an airline approved carrier and everything is sorted with the airline company... I just don't want him to stress too much!
  3. Megamuffin

    (RIP) About 7 week old rabbit breathing funny

    What kind of bedding are you using?
  4. Megamuffin

    Need help with a possible sick bunny

    My bunny had this problem and the vet gave him Baytril which only made him sicker!!!! I took him to a natural path that worked on animals. My bunny had lots of allergies and she cleared them from his system. He is so happy, hoppy, and healthy now!
  5. Megamuffin


    My bunny has something similar. I pulled all the fur back and it almost looks like it would be what we consider a mole. It is a little red-ish bump on his back. I personally don't think it's much too worry about, but if you're worried you could have a vet look. I had a natural path look at him...
  6. Megamuffin

    Bordetella/Pasteurella Results

    Hi!! My bunny, Snugs, had the same sneezing problems. I went through all the vet stuff and it only made my poor little guy sicker. I tried some herbal medicine which helped for awhile but then the symptoms started to come back. I recently took him to a natural path that treated animals...
  7. Megamuffin

    Bad sneezing help!

    For anyone interested : The herbs I was giving Snugs helped for a while but the symptoms gradually started to come back. So, I took him to a natural path that looks at animals. Apparently all the sneezing and grossness was all allergy related. There were a lot of airborne/food related allergies...
  8. Megamuffin

    Kiwi is not well

    My little Snugs had a phase were he seemed down in the dumps. I just tried to give him as much attention as possible, and make sure I gave him alone time if he wanted it. If I had a suggestion it would be reiki! Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also...
  9. Megamuffin

    Bad sneezing help!

    Thank you :) It's such a relief to see him doing better.
  10. Megamuffin

    Bad sneezing help!

    Hey Everyone! I wanted to give an update on what's happening. The baytril prescription is garbage. My poor bunny had zero energy, his poop was long and coming out all stuck together, and he just smelt really bad. He was still sneezing on and off, and 2 nights he had scary "episodes". I was...
  11. Megamuffin

    Bad sneezing help!

    Hi all! Thank you for all the information! I'm hoping it isn't Pasteurella :( My little Snugs went in and had a chest xray, and there is definitely something in his lungs. He also had air in his stomach from all the sneezing fits, and the vet had to release it (BLEH!) The vet gave him a...
  12. Megamuffin

    Bad sneezing help!

    I will definitely suggest the culture swab!! Thanks for the suggestions everyone!! @Mariah - I am taking Snugs to a new vet today because the last one was just so unhelpful! Both the old one and new one have small animal experience. I'm just not sure how much the last guy really had...
  13. Megamuffin

    Bad sneezing help!

    Hi there! Hoping someone can help! My poor Snugs (a 4 year old lop ear) is having sneezing problems. It got so bad he had mucus coming out of his nose and was struggling to breathe. He has been to the vet twice for the problem, and has been prescribed 10ml of Baytril. I am not one for...