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  1. Minilop

    Two beautiful boys need a loving Home.

    Hey everybody. I feel terrible, but my two babies need a home. They are both neutered minilop males, and I love them to death. But without going into detail, I really don't feel like they are getting the attention they deserve. I am really busy at the moment, and with training 3-4 horses...
  2. Minilop

    Infection After neuter

    Hey guys. Last night I got Cao out, and flipped him over to check out his healing. Not good. :(He had the stitches out about two weeks ago - But had a few other little problems. Nothing Big. But now, It looks like he has got a nasty infection down there, with alot of pus and open wound. He is...
  3. Minilop

    Cao and Col - Togetether at last!

    Howdy all! :) Finally the bunny’s are together. For the last couple of weeks they have had been side by side, with various little meetings in different places, swapping of blankets etc. Cao was neutered 2 weeks and 2 days ago now (Wow!) It went so quick! He is definitely the dominant one...
  4. Minilop

    Colin is Home!

    Hey Guys. You may have read my other thread, and now it is final. Colin is home! He arrived last night, and spent the night indoors. He settled in well, although still a little shy and jumpy. He was rather slim [Then again, I do overfeed little fat Cao...] and his nails a wee bit long, but...
  5. Minilop

    Wabbits =3

    Here are Some Photos of My baby, Cao! Baby Photo Tomorrow I get a whole day to spend with him and the digital camera..So expect millions and gizzillions of photos. :biggrin2:
  6. Minilop

    Bunny Boyfriends?

    Hey there guys. My bunny isn't neutered. He is nearly a year old now, and I wasn't going to do it because I was never planning to get him a girlfriend, plus he is pretty docile anyways.But, someone at work is moving house, and are not allowed to take thererabbit with them. They know I love...