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  1. Shayna

    Penicillin injections

    Hi all does anyone know which penG I should purchase and the dosage and the frequency for a 13 lb rabbit to treat an ear infection. I had a pen G proc (gen) 300000u but as I’m trying to replace it I’m finding they come in different units. Any thoughts?
  2. Shayna

    Advise! Bunny ears help!

    Hi all, today I noticed my french lop suddenly acting like his ear was very itchy. I looked inside and pulled out a long white sticky gross something?? Is this ear wax ? He is now itching both ears but they are clean.
  3. Shayna


    hi, of my 6 rabbits my 3 males seem to be molting constantly. Seems as soon as the coat is fully replaced it sheds out completely again. We had illness months ago that still remains uncertain after much vet care. Currently everyone is doing well I’m just wondering if I should be concerned about...
  4. Shayna

    Bonded bunny fight

    Hi all, I had to separate 2 of my rabbits that have been bonded. They will be a year old on Halloween. They have been together since birth. They are male and female pair of siblings. Both have been fixed since 3 or 4 months of age. Never had any issues then suddenly Waylon ( male) is chasing...
  5. Shayna

    Bunny falling over

    hi I was curious as to if anyone has any thoughts on what’s wrong with my bunnies. They got sick at the same time. One stopped eating and when I returned from the vet with him his cage mate was in full head tilt and pretty much unresponsive. So after months of vet visits and some hospitalization...
  6. Shayna

    My bunny hates hay

    Hi does anyone have a bunny that hates hay? I recently had 3 bunnies get very very sick and none of the vets could really come up with a reason to why. Doing better now however my one bun was a very poor hay eater to begin with. Now he won’t touch it at all he actually throws the bowl. I’ve...