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  1. Apollo’s Slave

    Eating regular poop

    Athena has been eating her regular poops. They do seem darker and wetter than Apollo’s but they don’t look worrisome. Her diet is unlimited hay and water, 1 1/2 cup of veggies and 1/2 cup of pellets. She gets more pellets than apollo (he gets 1/4) because she’s had a previous health problem and...
  2. Apollo’s Slave

    What breed is Athena?

    As you may or may not know, I recently adopted a new bunny. And while I don’t care about what breed she is, it would be interesting to see what people think. The rescue says that she is an ‘old English cross’ but she doesn’t look like one. I think she’s got a tad bit of lop in her and her ears...
  3. Apollo’s Slave

    A few questions about a rabbit I might be adopting

    So I just came back from the rescue. And I really love a certain rabbit named Sunday, I would change that name. But my problem with Sunday is that: she has had an abscess before. I don’t know much about abscesses but I know that they can be fairly expensive to treat. Is this something that would...
  4. Apollo’s Slave

    Are these treats safe?

    I wanted to buy some things for the new bun coming next week and came across this business.https://thehutchuk.co.uk/ Some of the ingredients are corn, molasses and some spices, but I wasn’t sure if it was safe so I didn’t order anything. On Instagram they have some posts explains why they have...
  5. Apollo’s Slave

    Food colouring & Rabbits??

    Is food colouring safe for rabbits to ingest? I like to make rabbit treats - with all safe stuff (usually just veggies or fruit and pellets), no honey, no corn, no other stuff that I wouldn’t want Apollo eating. Because of the pellets, the treats always come out annoyingly brown or grey, and not...
  6. Apollo’s Slave

    Do rabbits with flat heads have breathing problems??

    I was talking about my favourite and least favourite breeds of rabbit on Instagram and mentioned that I don’t like Holland lops because they’re prone to breathing problems. Someone messaged me with ‘Holland lops don’t have breathing problems. No holland lop I have seen or others who have owned...
  7. Apollo’s Slave

    Sore hocks are getting worse 😓

    Apollo has sore hocks, as a lot of people already knows because I’ve been talking about it since January. He’s been too the vet many times about it and they haven’t done too much. They have metacam for a week and said to keep him on soft flooring. He’s a healthy weight but his nails are a bit...
  8. Apollo’s Slave

    In a predicament: Can I leave my bunny home for three days?

    Okay, this is going to sound horrible. But my family and I are going out of London tomorrow! And I have no one to look after Apollo. At first we we're going to bring Apollo with us, but the place we're staying at doesn't allow pets. A lot of my family are also out of town or are busy. I don't...
  9. Apollo’s Slave

    Am I feeding too much veggies?

    Sorry for such random questions recently! Apollo weighs just under 6lb (2.5kg). He gets unlimited hay, 2 cups of veggies, and 1/4 cup of pellets a day. We sometimes feed less than 2 cups of veggies, just to be safe but only like 1 1/2 cup split into two meals. Is that too much? Someone told...
  10. Apollo’s Slave

    Exciting news - for me at least 😆

    If everything goes to plan, I will be getting a new rabbit on the second week of September, literally weeks away. I know that I’ve made a quite a few posts about getting a second rabbit already, so, sorry to bore you! But after a really really long time (I’ve been looking since my birthday in...
  11. Apollo’s Slave

    What age should you transition a rabbit to timothy pellets?

    I was talking to someone who has a rabbit who is 2 and a half months old, earlier today (not on this forum). Lets call them person b for the sake of this, and the other person, person a. They were feeding their rabbit unlimited Oxbow alfalfa pellets alongside timothy/alfalfa hay mix - and person...
  12. Apollo’s Slave

    My mum has allergies to my rabbit

    We’ve owned rabbits for about a year and a half and have owned Apollo for almost 9 months. My mum has a history of allergies but while we’ve owned rabbits, she’s been fine with them so far, bear in mind allergies usually begin to occur a few day or weeks after owning the rabbit. But recently, my...
  13. Apollo’s Slave

    A question about harlequin rabbits.

    Sorry, random question. Is harlequin a breed or colour? Thanks 😅
  14. Apollo’s Slave

    How long after rhd2 vaccination can my rabbit go outside?

    Hello! Apollo got vaccinated this morning, and as we have been having good weather here in England, my mother would like for him to go outside, with supervision of course. She wants him to go outside on Friday (48 hours after being vaccinated). When does the vaccination start to work? I guess...
  15. Apollo’s Slave

    Ear shaking?

    Apollo keeps shaking his ears. He doesn’t usually do it this many times. I noticed him doing it a few times this morning when I fed him so I quickly checked both of his ears, in case of mites. I then had to leave with my mum to drop my brother to school, and then we had to go to my aunts. I’ve...
  16. Apollo’s Slave

    Get to know each other game!

    I stole this off a member of the guinea pig forum called ‘spoink’ but it sounded fun. ‘I thought we could try a new game? A little bit of getting to know eachother. You have to say a statement, and the poster after you answers whether it is true or false. Then poses their own statement...
  17. Apollo’s Slave

    Best litter for rabbit with sore hocks?

    Apollo is suffering with a little bit of sore hocks, the vet says at this stage they can’t do anything about it but they did give some metacam a few weeks ago to help with them. I’m no longer using metacam but I do still have it. I was cleaning Apollo’s litter box just now and he hopped into...
  18. Apollo’s Slave

    What do you need for bonding?

    It’s official, I’m getting a second rabbit. I’m still looking for one but I’ve put an application out for one. I was planning on going to a shelter to bond them but my mum thought it’d be a better idea for me to do it , and get ‘the right experience’. What would I need to bond them? I’ve got...
  19. Apollo’s Slave

    Questions about poop and uneaten cecotropes?

    I just went to clean Apollo litter box and he’s got some unusual poops. The first ones are his normal poops and seem to be just fine, the ones in the middle are pretty darks and small and then he has some - what I can assume is cecotropes? Which is weird because I’ve never seen these before and...
  20. Apollo’s Slave

    How much will a second rabbit cost?

    I have one rabbit (Apollo). My mum pays for vet bills and I pay for most of his food and other things. So I want to get a second rabbit and my parents have both, individually, decided that they don’t like the idea for separate reasons. My dad doesn’t want me to have two rabbits in my room, and...