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  1. Mikoli

    Its been two years.

    Its been two years since Ollie died, and I miss you today more than ever. I was just watching old videos of you doing your jumps (geez, look at what i used to wear! as if you didnt disown me!:P) and you were such a beautiful rabbit. I miss going out every day and feeding you and playing with...
  2. Mikoli

    Considering getting another rabbit(s)

    Hi, Since Ollie passed away, I've taken on a lot more responsibilities. Over the holidays, I sometimes am away from home for up to five days at a time, and I have camp later on this year. However, I have really wanted to get another rabbit, or pair of rabbits, for a long time. I understand...
  3. Mikoli

    Teeth Removal

    Can a rabbit function normally without it's front four teeth? I have a friend that has a rabbit who has always had rapidly growing teeth, and she needs to take him to the vet to get them filed down reguarly so he stays healthy. Recently she took him to the vet and they said that his teeth are...
  4. Mikoli

    Fly's Getting Spayed.

    Hi guys, My miniature pinscher puppy Fly is getting spayed on Wednesday. :( I'm really worried about her, with her being so small and everything. To top it off, I have two tests and one assessment task at school that day, plus it's a Wednesday, and I hate Wednesdays. :? Thoughts and prayers...
  5. Mikoli

    Free Rice

    Hi guys, I stumbled across this website yesterday while searching. It's a website called "Free Rice", and it is a charity that donates rice to starving people. To help them out, you have to play a game, where you have to guess the definition of a word. If you get it right, you donate 20 grains...
  6. Mikoli

    Rabbit Hopping.

    Hi guys, As you know, I used to train my rabbit Ollie in the sport of rabbit hopping before he passed away. I also run a rabbit hopping forum, which, as of today, I am bringing back into activity (link is in my profile if you're interested). I am always interested in hearing about other people...
  7. Mikoli

    Rabbit Pictures Please.

    Hi, Well, I'm bored, and I have a few hours of nothingness, so I feel like designing a rabbit-y website. I don't like just taking photos off google, and since I don't have a rabbit anymore, I can't exactly take any pictures, so I was wondering if anyone had some full body pictures of their...
  8. Mikoli

    Rabbit Hutches

    Since Ollie passed, I've been sort of considering the idea of getting another rabbit. I'm not totally sure about it, though. Not because it feels wrong to get another rabbit, but I'm worried I won't have enough time to take care of it properly (this is why I'm considering getting two rabbits)...
  9. Mikoli

    RIP Ollie.

    Ollie died today in my arms. He had been very sick the night before, and I knew he was going to die. I let him out into the garden one last time before he died, and he ran his heart out along that fence he loved. It was the happiest he'd ever been. Then, I brought him inside, and he died in my...
  10. Mikoli

    RIP (WasURGENT!! I think my rabbit's dying).

    I found him later this afternoon, after I got home from school, around 4:00. I let him out onto the grass, and he seemed alright. He had a poopy butt, and I just said that I'd clean it later. Then I came out again at 6:00, and he was really lethargic and I noticed that he hadn't eaten...
  11. Mikoli

    Nutri Cal?

    What is Nutri Cal? I've heard it being mentioned a bit around the forum, but I'm not sure what it is. I think it's some sort of rabbit medicine, but I'd like some more information. :)
  12. Mikoli

    Rabbit Pictures Wanted

    I'm currently working on developing a rabbit website, and I am looking for clear, non-clurred, copyright free rabbit pictures to use in the design. By "copyright free", I mean that you or a close friend took them yourselves, not a professional photographer (unless you are a photographer), so...
  13. Mikoli

    Ollie needs a butt bath.

    OK. Ollie has had a few problems lately with exercise and feeding and such, and for two days when I couldn't let him out for exercise he sat in his toliet spot all day. He ended up very messy, and though he usually cleans himself, it's not coming off. I basically need to give him a bath. I...
  14. Mikoli

    Happy Gotcha Day Ollie!

    It just so happens that I completely missed Ollie's second gotcha day, which was on the 12th of February. It's been a long two years, and it's been very rewarding, as well as very difficult at times. As I look back on the last two years, I remember all of the good times, and I hope that I'll...
  15. Mikoli

    Fattening Foods?

    OK - To try to keep this short, I recently started school again, and got a new puppy. Between homework and puppysitting, I haven't had that much time for Ollie in the last two weeks, and I am sad to say that he's been a bit neglected. I haven't monitored his diet very closely, or let him out for...
  16. Mikoli

    Website Design

    Hi, I'm very interested in website design and HTML and such, and I have designed a few websites of my own. Most of the designs are pretty terrible, but lately I've found a few styles that I seem to be good at. I always make websites to test out my new skills and to practice, but I never seem...
  17. Mikoli

    Would anyone be interested?

    Oh geez, how many of these types of threads have I made? Well, I'm making a rabbit hopping forum. For those of you who don't know what rabbit hopping is, it's a sort of rabbit agility where rabbits on harnesses hop over jumps in a set time. It is rather similiar to horse show jumping, but of...
  18. Mikoli

    Molting/Shedding, or lack of it.

    Ollie is a two year old male neutered Dwarf lop-ish type. He was bought from a pet store in early 2006, if this information helps at all. Ollie is perfectly healthy - he gets daily excercise, he is very fit, perhaps not the best diet, but certainly acceptable and nothing to worry about. He is...
  19. Mikoli


    I just need somewhere to rant, and I have the feeling that the people on here would care. Ollie is an outdoor rabbit, and he lives in a hutch next to our house. He's not actually locked in, but he has never escaped, because his hutch has such a heavy lid. Today, my sister's friend came over...
  20. Mikoli

    Is it alright to wet down pellets?

    Is it alright to add a bit of water to my rabbit's pellets? Today while I was preparing his dinner I accidentally spilt some water into my rabbit's pellets, but when I left to get him some dry pellets he began eating them, and he rarely ever eats pellets. Basically, he seems to like them better...