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  1. briennap

    Nothing gets rid of rabbit urine smell

    Anyone else have this problem? I've used natures miracle, other carpet cleaners, white vinegar, nothing gets the smell of rabbit pee out of my carpets. I'm frustrated what should I do??
  2. briennap

    Reversing her litter habits

    I have two spayed female buns in the same room and they take turns having free roam time due to them not being bonded. One of them are super territorial of her cage, and pees outside of the other buns cage any chance she gets and it's getting really annoying and ruining the carpet!! She always...
  3. briennap

    Bunny attitudes

    Okay so I'll start by saying I have 2 female rabbits one spayed, one getting spayed this week. THEY are NOT bonded. I understand it's helpful for them to be spayed before trying to bond so that's what I'm doing. They are free roam but because of the bonding situation they aren't ever out...
  4. briennap

    confused I need advice!!

    So this morning my bun just seems a little off, she seems extra tired and is laying out with her eyes closed which more often then not she will lay out with her eyes open. She also is laying out when you pet her which she never does. She refused a yogurt treat too which isn't like her, but I've...
  5. briennap

    Need advice please!! Sore hocks?

    So I just have a quick question regarding my buns foot.. So I noticed this morning she has an irritated line of skin with no white fur on it and it looks just like sore hocks would...but I don't understand at all why because she is hardly in her cage and I mean hardly..like she goes in there...
  6. briennap

    Advice - Nail trimming

    So I've come to the point where my bunnies nails are just getting too long and she literally refuses me clipping them so I should probably just bring her Into a Petco or something right? Because she gets way too stressed out when I do it, it's just not going to happen so i need someone who...
  7. briennap

    Smelly bun

    So I'm laying in bed and here comes my bun jumping up right after me. And I notice she is smelly...and her feet are a tiny bit yellow. Other than that she is really clean. So I was thinking about just simply giving her a little foot/butt bath cause like I said everything else is clean. But...
  8. briennap

    Bonding bunnies

    I was looking into getting another bun for my two year old unspayed Rex and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on best ways to bond them, if I could get a spayed bun to bond her with or if I should wait to get her spayed etc... Also if they should be closer to the same age or if that...
  9. briennap

    Discouraged ):

    I've had my bun about 4 months and she got her nails clipped right when I got her and so this is the first time I've tried it alone, and it's terrible I'm so scared of hurting her. She's two years old and she was groomed when I got her so I know she's been through it before she just does not...
  10. briennap


    What type of vinegar is best to use on pee spots to rid of the smell again??? And whichever safest for my bun of course
  11. briennap

    Teeth grinding

    So I read a lot about how buns grind their teeth when in pain and when they're being pet. Well my bun does not seem to be in any sort of pain she's as happy and normal as she is everyday, but she's laying in her bed and I'm not petting her, but she's grinding her teeth. Not for long periods on...
  12. briennap

    Cold ears?

    I just looked up anything I could find on it and I'm sort of confused because everything said cold ears on buns means they're sick, and usually is associated to them being lethargic and not playful/eating. But here's my question. My buns ears are cold right now but she's binking around the...
  13. briennap

    New hay?

    So my bun usually goes crazy for hay...as most buns do, and she ran out last week so of course I went to buy her more and it's definetly Timothy hay as it obviously tells you on the bag but my bun doesn't seem to like it...she doesn't seem sick at all still eating her pellets and greens and...
  14. briennap


    Bun has been doing very good with not getting into food and I have been more careful with the food around her cause anytime she got the food that I left out, it would only be for a moments time if I went into the other room real quick or something and she'd get into it but she's getting a lot...
  15. briennap

    Bun problems

    My bun has this pillow that she absolutely lovesssss she digs on it for hours (no she does not rip it open and get the inside fluffs I would take it away from her if I saw any rips cause eating that fluff isn't good) it's just a plain old pillow with nothing harmful to her or like I said I would...
  16. briennap

    Bun identifier

    This probably sounds so neglectful of an owner to say but..I have really no idea what breed my bun is! I got her from a girl on Craigslist and she didn't know what kind of bunny she was either. I have done research and I think she's part Rex because of her fur and have been told that as well by...
  17. briennap

    Bunny that loves to eat sugar!

    My bunny is constantly getting into sugary treats, that are for humans!! So far she has eaten chocolate donuts, fruity pebbles, sour patch kids, chocolate chip cookies and probably more I don't even know about. Why is she so attracted to sugary things she can't eat and are bad or her!? I'm...