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  1. Remmy

    Bunny nose bleed

    Over the course of the week, I've noticed Remmy hasn't been interested in her pellets and has only been snacking on her hay. I've been trying to encourage her to eat pellets by hiding a few treats in the food. (She'll go and eat the treats no problem.) This morning she finally ate her bowl of...
  2. Remmy

    Introducing New Rabbits

    My current rabbit, Remmy, is just under a year old right now. She lives on her own (but gets plenty of time out of her cage to play everyday). When she's not out, she likes to try and play with the dogs when they walk by. (She loves our pitbull especially lol) Now that I'm a senior in...
  3. Remmy

    Bunny not eating! Need help!

    Yeah, I've been feeding her a mix of the Alfalfa and Timothy hays (mostly Timothy) as she gets older. Towards the end of April/Beginning of May I'll be switching her to just the Timothy hay. :) (Also will be switching to Timothy pellets as well!)
  4. Remmy

    Bunny not eating! Need help!

    Thank you guys! I think I was just being a little too worried (can't help it!) I'm pretty sure it was a hormonal thing. She has recently hit a small growth spurt and is back to eating normally! (Plus, she was having a little shedding period which added on to her moodiness.) I will continue to...
  5. Remmy

    Bunny not eating! Need help!

    I bought Remmy back in late November of last year and since day 1 I have been feeding her the same pellets and a Timothy/Alfalfa hay mix. She usually eats it right up - both hay and pellets. The last two weeks I've noticed she only wants her pellets, very little hay. Now she has zero interest in...
  6. Remmy

    Bunny ate duct tape!

    Thanks for your suggestions everyone! Remmy is doing fine now. She got into the duct tape a second time and I just removed it all together. She has two fleece blankets covered the pan where the plastic broke, and she hasn't attempted to dig the blankets up again; so the problem has been solved...
  7. Remmy

    Bunny ate duct tape!

    I'm not sure exactly how much, its a good chunk of the piece I had on there. Probably about a couple centimeters wide/long. She has gotten up and eaten just a tiny bit and drank some water since I made this post, but her behavior is still kind of concerning. Especially since she's laying on her...
  8. Remmy

    Bunny ate duct tape!

    I've been posting on these forums a lot lately but as a new Rabbit owner I have many questions! So, my Remmy girl chews on EVERYTHING except her toys. (even though most of her toys are cardboard!) Well today Remmy finally got her cage (large dog crate), but the pan of the cage was broken so...
  9. Remmy

    Working with rabbits on being held

    It's been just over a month since I brought my first bun home and she is just a social butterfly. She can be timid at first to new people, but she loves to be where everyone is at all times. She also loves to be pet and given attention. However, little Remmy HATES being held, even for a second...
  10. Remmy

    Harness training a rabbit

    Thank you for the advice! I've started his harness training today, and so far I've just let him sniff it and laid it on his back. It doesn't seem to bother him too much. Hopefully he'll eventually grow on the idea of a harness so I can do the agility training when he's older. :)
  11. Remmy

    Harness training a rabbit

    Ok! So I have a few questions: I plan on agility training my baby bunny Remmy. He seems to really enjoy running around and jumping up on everything he can reach. So! With that in mind, when should I start harness training Remmy? He is about 9 weeks old right now. (He still has a lot of...
  12. Remmy

    First Time Rabbit Owner

    So yesterday I brought home my first bun! I've been working at a Christmas Tree farm for the holidays, and we have baby bunnies for sale at the farm. I fell in love with them! During slow times and when I was at home I did hours of researching, watching videos, ect. I decided that I could...