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  1. doodle

    Convenia for respiratory infection?

    Hi again, if anyone remembers me. :D I haven't been here in a long time! But my bunny and I could use some help... My 8-year-old rabbit, Tumble, went to the vet Friday with a respiratory infection. It is nearly impossible to give her oral meds, so the vet suggested giving her an injection of...
  2. doodle


    I know I haven't posted here much in awhile, but some of you know my bunnies and me, so I wanted to let you know.... Snick passed away in the wee hours of this morning. She had stopped eating, and I thought she had a gassy belly because I had given her kale, which was a new veggie for her. Of...
  3. doodle

    Pet gates

    Can anyone recommend a good pet/baby gate for the bunnies? Specifically, I'm looking for one that: - is pressure mounted so I can move it around to different doorways - has a walk-thru door for me - the bunnies can't chew up! - and hopefully isn't terribly expensive I'm looking at this one...
  4. doodle


    I just joined Netflix and need some good movie recommendations. What are your favorites? *Edit* to answer JadeIcing's question: I mostly watch comedy, drama, romance, family & animal & teen movies, some suspense/thrillers (but no horror), maybe even some fantasy, but not much science fiction...
  5. doodle

    Muff has Stasis

    Well, this is the day I've always dreaded - whenone of my bunnies goes into GI stasis. Muff has been moltingpretty heavily, so I'm not that surprised. But this is myfirst time dealing with it, and although it seems like I've read abouteverything there is to read about it, I still feel at a...
  6. doodle

    Ragamuffin & Tumbleweed

    Hi, I'mnew here & will make this a "home thread" for posting stories,pictures and updates about my bunny family... I'm Kim but often go by my initials KC. You can call me whatyou like. :) I'm a 36 year old college student majoring inwriting and a single mom to 2 bunnies, a dog, and a cat...