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    My baby bunny has red swolen genitals and soft poop

    My baby bunnies genitals were covered in poop. It took me a while to get all the poop removed. When i did his genitals are red swollen inflamed. He started pooping soft pellets and peed immediately after cleaning. I hadnt checked his genitals in a couple days. All the other bunnies seem fine...
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    Momma had her babies April 28.

    Finally. I am so proud of stirmy she made her nest 10 days before her babies. So patiently i wIted then. The day of she started pulling her hair and made a beautiful civering. Hours later she had 8 beautiful fat babies. She is so good with these babies very pretective. She jets the family mess...
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    My doe built her nest a week ago. Still nothing

    I dont know the exact due date for myy doe. I do know i took her to the vet the 8 of Apri. The vet said she was pregnant and said she was around 2 weeks give or take. That leaves me with a inaccurate due date. So she should technically be due. I dont know whether to take her to the vet or what...
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    Nesting for real this time

    This is so amazing i put the cat litter box in stormys cage last night. This is for her nest. I felt the time was closerthan the vet said since he isnt knowledgeable and i know her. Well after trashing her cage for weeks i woke up this morning and she was frantically running backand forth with...
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    The best pellets to give my pregnant doe

    What do ypu recommend for pelkets to feed my doe. Ive read junior pellets or ahould i do so.ethi g with prpbiotics in it since she just glt off antibiotics. I do oxbow adult atm.
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    To get a new home for pregnant rabbit 10 days before due date

    I was going to order a larger hime for my 2 rabbits. I got to large cages at the moment but i want a nice indoor wooden house for them. My doe stormy is pregnant and i dont want to stress her out. Should i just wait until shes had the babies.
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    Pregnant doe.

    I didnt realize i had a female i thought i had two bucks. I introduced them to eachother a month and a half ago. They live with eavhother they got along so well i decidedcto home them together. Well i started to notice that my buck was missing essential parts. So i researched and noticed i have...