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    5 week old sibling rabbits humping each other and a musky smell?

    Hey all! So, as I talked about in my last thread, I recently adopted two baby rabbits from a coworker that are only about 5 weeks old. Unfortunately, their momma got pregnant again right after they were born and kicked them out after she had the second litter so here we are. I'm very...
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    PLEASE HELP urgent question - big and mucus poops???

    Hey all, Earlier this week I adopted to baby bunnies. I hadn't known when I agreed to take them, but they are only 4 weeks old and were pushed out when their mom had a new litter. I've been trying my best but im a brand new and very paranoid bunny mom. Earlier today one of them had a couple of...
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    4 Week old rabbits, please help!

    Hey everyone! I'm totally new here so apologies if this is the wrong place. Anyways, one of my coworkers had a litter of rabbits. Well, somehow, the momma rabbit got pregnant very quickly after the first litter and just had a second, effectively abandoning her first. We took two of the babies...