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    Will fire works scare my bunny?

    I know this thread was from a week ago but I'm still gonna say something: It depends on your rabbit but most rabbits have sensitive ears and get frightened very easily. I would recommend to permanently move your rabbit indoors. I know this isn't possible for everyone and I don't know your rabbit...
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    Free Roaming Experiences

    Free-roaming is a truly rewarding experience when it comes to rabbits! When my rabbits had become litter trained I let them roam during the day. Ginger (the cheeky rabbit) would've always gotten into trouble. I have to little brothers who would always leave banana skins and things like that...
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    Is Vets4Pets any good?

    Hi About Vets4Pets, some people have said they had great experiences with them. I myself can't fully agree. The customer service is really nice and I don't blame the vets for this but treatment could be better. They aren't rabbit savvy vets but if there isn't another option go for it. I find it...
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    Spot on the Inside of Ear

    Hi, My rabbit (called bunny) has a small red spot on the inside of her ear. It used to be covered in a brown crust but it fell of and there’s just a small red spot left. Could these be ear mite or was it something like a scab? Thanks