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    Feeling guilty

    We lost our sweet Pumpkin girl back in January, and I absolutely swore I would never adopt another bunny. I don't want to go through that heartbreak ever again. I feel bad about having that attitude, especially since we still have our adorable little man, Whiskers. I've kept my distance...
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    Pumpkin has gone to the Bridge

    My first bunny, Pumpkin, who was 12 years old, went to the Bridge earlier today. She had a bladder tumor that had spread to her lungs. We made the horrible decision to have her put to sleep. My heart is broken. Binkie-free at the Bridge, my darling girl.
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    Anxious about my bunny

    Does anyone else suffer from anxiety about his/her rabbit? Our 7 year old Netherland Dwarf mix, Whiskers, has frequent bouts with stasis, and I'm constantly scared about it. Just wondering if anyone else has this fear?
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    Shelters in the Gainesville, FL area

    Good morning, My daughter and her husband moved to Gainesville in the spring, and have decided they want to adopt a dog. Does anyone know of a reputable shelter that would help them in this process. They've talked to someone (can't remember where), and the folks there suggested that, since this...
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    Pumpkin, the thumpin' bunny

    So, I'm sitting at my desk studying this evening, when Miss Pumpkin thumps. I didn't think much about it, and returned to my book. Within a minute or so, she did it again. I looked to see what was going on, and our other bunny, Whiskers, was sitting across the room, "looking at her". I talked to...
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    guinea pig question

    My daughter has 2 guinea pigs who are bothered by dry skin and itching. They've been to the vet, and don't appear to have mites. She is getting sunflower seeds for the, (shelled and unsalted) but is wondering if she should get roasted or unroasted seeds. Thanks for your input!
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    JadeIcing's Gwyneth Apple Hoshi is a star!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but it is so great to see such a wonderful pic of dear little Apple! Thanks for choosing her...she holds a very special place in my heart.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends

    Just wanted to wish all of our Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving!
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    I've been fighting depression since my first child was born, a loooong time ago. My Pumpkin hasn't been herself lately, and it's made the whole depression thing even worse. She's about 10 years old, and has some of the typical aging bunny stuff going on, plus 2 bladder stones and is recovering...
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    Whiskers' Gotcha Day

    :bunnydance:Today is our little Whiskers' 5th Gotcha Day! It doesn't seem possible that we've been his slave for 5 years! What a blessing he has been. 5 years of happiness with our shy little guy.:inlove: Thanks for putting up with us weird humans! We love you more than we can say, little guy!
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    We are so lucky to have Flashy

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but as I was reading the Bridge post about Little Binx, I was struck once again by how thoughtful, kind, and knowledgeable Flashy is in her responses. We are truly blessed to have her as part of this forum! Thanks, Flashy!
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    Wii games?

    Hey all...I was wondering if anyone has a favorite Wii game? I want to get something new, but don't have a clue about what would be good. I'm definitely not into the heavy shooting games...too uncoordinated for them! Thanks for your ideas!
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    getting Whiskers to eat critical care

    The description kind of says it all. We tried to feed it to him, and he wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with it. He is eating hay, and we've had some soft, stringy kind of poops. Any advice on how aggressive to be with the critical care, etc. would be greatly appreciated. He has also drunk some...
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    there's something wrong with little whiskers! (RESOLVED)

    Hi...please keep our little Whiskers in prayer....he hasn't eaten or pooped in about 12 hours, and he's very uncomfortable....keeps flopping and pressing his belly to the floor...breathing fast, etc. I'm really scared! The vet had a cancellation, and I can take him in at 3 pm. Thanks!
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    Son going back to school, and BIG snow here

    My son, Mike, is leaving to go back to college this morning. I really hate it when the kids have to go back!!!! I'll be depressed for days, and just want to cry all the tiime. To make matters worse, we're getting a big snowstorm....they're predicting 10 inches or more. I know I'm just whining...
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    It still hurts

    For some reason, this day has hit me really hard. My brother died 2 years ago, and today is his birthday. I thought that it would get easier, but, for some reason, it just stinks today. My mom and dad are both gone, as well, so there's really no one around who knew him like we did. Just needed...
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    Good restaurants in Toronto?

    My family and I will be visiting Toronto next week for American Thanksgiving. My daughter is a grad student at University of Toronto, and can't come home, so we're taking our show on the road. Does anyone know of a good restaurant for us to go to for our Thanksgiving meal? Thanks for the help...
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    I've got the bug!!!!

    So, I checked out our local shelter, and there are several white bunnies there....and I've wanted a white bunny for ages and ages....and they've been there all summer....I think they were Easter throw-aways.....and I seriously need to get over this!!!! Somebody stop me before my dh disowns me!!!!
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    Pumpkin's not right

    When I got home from the hospital this p.m., I found that Pumpkin, who is usually very good about peeing in her litter pan only, had had several "accidents". It has occurred over the last day or so, and she is eating and drinking normally. She doesn't seem like her usual feisty self, however...
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    prayer and good thoughts for my DH, again!

    Hey all....my DH woke this morning with chest/back pain and has been diagnosed with blood clots in his right lung. We'd really appreciate your prayers....it's been a long summer for him with the cellulitis, and now this. He's on IV Heparin, and will begin oral Heparin tomorrow, and be home by...