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    Rare Holland Lop Color?

    I have cream babies that got the blue eyes but no white markings from their Vienna carrier sire .
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    Help in sexing my 5mo rabbit (pt 2)?

    Yep it looks like a boy
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    Is it possible to bond two unneutered bunnies?

    Previously I had mentioned that I know of people who have bucks living together peacefully. And although it surprised me how long that lasted, it didn’t last forever unfortunately. One buck killed the other, just the other day actually. So my viewpoint went from “maybe it’s possible after...
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    Is it possible to bond two unneutered bunnies?

    It wouldn’t go well . Maybe not the first time... but at some point they will fight, possibly to the death .
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    Sacks right after neuter?

    The silver is something they put on to prevent infection. It keeps the site clean. We use it on livestock all the time.
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    What colour is my lop?

    He looks like a booted chestnut to me
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    Pregnant? Help!

    3 months is usually a bit too early - but you should separate them in case . Even if she were to get pregnant at this age, it would be very hard on her :( she’s still a baby herself and hasn’t had a chance to grow to full size or mature to develop those motherly instincts. Check your buck to...
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    Is my 8-week old mix a carrier of the dwarf and/or lop genes?

    By the crown I don’t beleive the ears will lop. Since lionheads and holland lips are both dwarf breeds it is likely that you bunny carries the dwarf gene. But you will know by his finished size once he stops growing. Also your bunny looks very much lionhead - except the ears are very long
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    Looking for advice

    Hopefully the bunnies won’t be too friendly or dependant to be able to be released back to the wild :( Other than the one with mobility issues - none of them should be in a home For the one with the legs issue - you can use baby wipes , a damp cloth , or a “butt bath” to clean his backend...
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    Rabbitry Cage Design

    They still deserve a decent life with a decent sized cage. I breed Holland lops which are small - and they live in 2ft x 4ft cages. If they live in a shoebox with no room to move, they won’t be in good body condition and probably won’t show well OR breed well TBH.
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    Help! Bunny has bladder sludge!

    Good luck to your bun :(
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    What breed is my bunny?

    Hes definately got holland lop, face shape, ear shape, and body type are indicators. he may even be all holland - sometimes if they have a tight crown their ears don’t flop over like they’re supposed to . 4lbs is a very typical weight for a holland lop. Colour pattern actually has nothing to...
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    Rabbitry Cage Design

    Sorry that was supposed to be rebreed the doe **
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    Rabbitry Cage Design

    How cold is winter where you are? Lots of rabbits live outside - if you keep it out of the wind and provide lots of straw , they should be ok
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    Rabbitry Cage Design

    Are these rabbits for pets or for meat? Either way - if this is only 4feet wide and divided into 2 and 3 cages, that is not enough space . Those poor rabbits will have a terrible quality of life . I feel like unless you’re prepared to breed and raise these rabbits in the most ethical way...
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    Rabbitry Cage Design

    I have small breed rabbits and all of my does are in cages that are 2ft x 4ft , lots of room for when they have babies with them. My bucks are in cages 2ft x 3ft. And I have multiple exercise runs that I rotate the rabbits into daily so that they get some stretching and exercise. Mine are...
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    Doe nesting early

    I have a doe that demands a nest box 2 weeks early everytime. She usually kindles on day 29 and has lovely babies. Other doe of mine had a nest built 36 hours after breeding! LOL. She was a first timer and clearly eager. She just had 6 kits a few days ago. What I’m saying is - sometimes...
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    Help, advice or reassurance needed!

    Personally I have not but a close friend of mine has 2 males - they aren’t even brothers and are not neutered - that live together. It’s a spacious pen and they’ve been together since they were babies and they get along beautifully. Also I bought a buck from a farm that had their rabbits...
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    Bunny with milky eye

    Has anyone every had a young bunny , 8-10 weeks, with a white film and white bump on the eyes ?? Is this cataracts or something else? I know her vision isn’t great by the way she startles when I touch her. I just got her and the breeder says he never noticed it. Is this treatable ?
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    Help, advice or reassurance needed!

    Chances are they will start humping each other and scuffle. However in my experience - if all they ever know is being together, they may not fight. I know several people who house unneutered bucks together and don’t have a problem. Even bucks that are used for breeding can live together just...