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  1. J

    Caramel passed away yesterday morning

    It's hurts me [so much] to write that Caramel passed away yesterday morning. He was such a great pal, who gave us so much love. We're going to miss him SO much.
  2. J

    Caramel is feeling so much better!!

    I just wanted to tell everyone that Caramel, my 11 yr+ old, is doing much better since we got him the vet bedding (fleece) for his condo, as well as putting antibiotics and bag balm on his sore hocks. Caramel still urinates on the condo floor, but at least the fleece absorbs it and therefore...
  3. J

    This Travelers Insurance TV commercial is so hysterical and cute

    Have you seen this TV commercial? What do you think? http://www.youtube.com/v/Q9LzeDg8z-M&hl=en&fs=1
  4. J

    Is it good to feed calf manna to a senior bunny who's lost weight?

    My 11+ yr old bunny lost .5 lbs over the past year. I was told I could feed him a small amount of calf manna. He's stomach did not tolerate Oxbow's alfalfa and timothy pellets. Is calf manna good for senior bunnies? All advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. J

    Will fur grow back on sore hocks?

    My bunny's sore hocks are healing very nicely. They are less red and sensitive. :D Will the fur grow back where the sores are healing? Thanks.
  6. J

    Loose poops after feedling pellets

    I was advised by a vet that since my 11+ yr old bunny lost .5 lb in a year, that we should start feeding him Oxbow Bunny 15/23 and Timothy pellets. He loves the pellets, but it appears that it is upsetting his stomach. His poops are very loose. I just took the pellets away. He is drinking, but...
  7. J

    My 11+ yr old bunny is not feeling well

    I've previously wrote a post saying that my bunny has lost his litter box habits and is urinating anywhere he is in his condo. Fortunately, he is not urinating on the floor outside his condo. My husband and I had tried a new litter box, which did not work - it's bigger and has a low entrance...
  8. J

    My 11 yr old bunny is getting very lazy with litter box habits

    I have a wonderful 11 yr old bunny, which I got when he was 6 weeks old. For the past couple of weeks, he started urinating on the floor within his condo. He seems to be getting very lazy with his litter box habits. It's getting quite messy. Does anyone have any suggestions to what I could do...
  9. J

    Today is 11 yrs that I got my bunny

    Just wanted to share with everyone that today is exactly 11 yrs that I got my bunny. He was 6 weeks old when I got him. He's still active and loving as ever. :rabbithop
  10. J

    Caramel turned 11 today

    Just wanted to let everyone know that my little guy, turned 11 today. Besides a little arthritis in his spine, which he takes Meticam for, he's doing great. :bunnydance:
  11. J

    Bunny relaxing in bunny bed

    I previously wrote a post saying that my bunny loves his new bunny bed. He's always using it now. After that posting, members asked that I post a picture of my bunny in his bed. Before Caramel got his bunny bed, he started sleeping in his litter box.
  12. J

    How do I get my bunny to go into his bunny bed?

    I recently purchased a bunny bed (lambs-wool lined) from Dr Foster-Smith. It looks quite comfortable, but my 10+ yr old bunny sniffs it, but won't go into it. If I place him in it, he jumps out. Any suggestions to how I can get him to go into and stay in it? Thanks! :? JBG