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    My bunnies :(

    Hi, so I thought I'd come on here and just tell you about my three beautiful netherland dwarfs. Unfortunately, all three of my rabbits had passed away 2 weeks ago :((. They were soo happy and deeply cared for. It was all of a sudden, like it was so unexpected because they were all fine and...
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    hiya, my rabbit Babushka doesn't seem like himself. Usually, when I wake up in the morning I feed my rabbits (I have 3) and let them out of the hutch to play in the garden. Today, Babushka didn't want to leave the hutch and seemed really sad. First, I thought maybe he was hurt by the other...
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    Hi, I have 3 rabbits , I think one of them is a female (grey) and two of them are male(black) +(grey and white). The femal rabbits was collecting hay in his mouth and moving it to the other side of the hutch and I dont understand why. Also, the grey and white male rabbit always chases the black...