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    Should I take bonded bunnies together for one to be neutered?

    Hi everyone :) So we have two dwarf bunnies that are now nearly a year and a half old. They are brother and sister and are bonded, however we recently discovered that the little boy somehow managed to escape his neutering the first time round. We think this is because they were a big litter of...
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    "Neutered" bunny still has balls!

    So we have two gorgeous sibling dwarf bunnies called Misha (girl) and Meeko (boy). We adopted them from a rescue about 6 months ago and they are about 15 months old. They had both been neutered/spayed by the rescue when they were 4-5 months old... or so we thought! We had a bit of a surprise...
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    Bunny still flicking pee - help?

    We have two dwarf bunnies that are now a year old and were both neutered/spayed when they were 4-5 months old. One is male and one is female and they are bonded with each other. However, the little boy keeps flicking his wee everywhere and we don't know what to do. He has covered her and us...
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    Bonded bunnies still unsure who is boss

    We have two dwarf house bunnies that are approaching a year old called Meeko and Misha. They are brother and sister and have both been neutered/spayed. We’ve had them now for 2.5 months and they are both litter trained. We think that he seems to very much think he’s the boss, however throughout...