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    Rabbit pee

    I think it’s be fine using that for flowers, but for produce, I don’t think that’s a good idea. That could be a start of life for E. Coli
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    Is this weird?

    Just a little over a month ago, my first rabbit moved onto another life. I don’t have any of her fur, even though she shed loads during shedding season. I wish I’d kept some. Now, I’ve got another bunny and he’s starting to shed and I’ve been collecting his fur. Is this weird? It feels slightly...
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    Lop bunny with both ears up? What’s it mean?

    I have a 9 week old mini lop who’s got floppy ears. Sometimes, when he tries to take a nap, he puts both of his (normally floppy) ears behind his head. Does this mean anything? I’ve read multiple opinions on google about what this may mean, but there’s no definite answer.
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    My rabbit passed at age 6

    She was usually a 5 but then these past few days she was like a 4 1/2
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    My rabbit passed at age 6

    Yesterday, my beloved Netherland Dwarf rabbit passed away at age 6 1/2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t present when she went. My dad was and he said she seemed sad and uncomfortable the whole day. So he picked her up and held her as they both watched some TV. When he went to put her back in her cage...