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  1. Bobbles

    Hi this is gizmo

    :happyrabbit: hi got gizmo on better diet she eating lot more hay it's good to see she on Oxbow orchard grass hay oxbow Timothy Western hay and oxbow Timothy hay pellets it's so good to see her eating more hay she booked in for spayed in on 17 April but her eye is still weepy :( :adorable:
  2. Bobbles

    Hi is readigrasss ok feed bunny

    She as Timothy hay readigrasss. And natures best Devon meadow hay and oxbow pellets and veg and little fruit a week :magicwand::angelandbunny: she is 7 month old and just wanted to know if that's good diet for her had her tear ducst flushed as left Sid was block and both are good but her eye...
  3. Bobbles

    Need help my bunny eye is looking more red then it should do

    Hi my bunny booked in on Thursday for tear duct flushed but not sure if I need yo go back before then she had antibiotic in water in her food and inject in her neck powered for here noise and nothing as work so vet said next stop is to flush her noise :( :bunnysuit::big kiss:but her eye look...
  4. Bobbles

    I was also told that if it's done too much the duct can burst which would be incredi

    I was also told that if it's done too much the duct can burst which would be incredibly painful for the rabbit she booked in this Thursday for her first flush I am worried as lot could happen with her can I not get it done just bath her eye :bigtears: I don't know what to do so can anyone tell...
  5. Bobbles

    Omg this was in my bunny hay

    Wow not good mouse in my hat
  6. Bobbles

    Hi trying to get my bunny to eat more hay ;(

    She is bit under the weather ??? She as sprained ankle and vet as said for her to rest for 5 days got her some new hay yesterday and she was munching on it all day but today she no????? t bit worried about her but she as had her nuggets fiber first and small amount veg ;(...
  7. Bobbles

    She doing lot better to day thanks for all help

    This her room waiting on my laminate flooring to come and be bit better the tv room is her room to and she as rest off flat to :bunnyangel2::anotherbun she put her foot down bit more after the vet give her so pain killer and she eat loads hay so that's good to :bunnyheart
  8. Bobbles

    Thank u for all your help

    Thank u for all your help the vet as give her pain relief for her foot she as sprained her ankle and the water from her noise mouth is her tear ducts she as to have them flushed on 6 as she had weepy eye as we'll ;( poor babie as not have good week she just come off eye drops and antibiotic in...
  9. Bobbles

    Need help worried ring vet my bunny as swollen ankle

    She was playing and went on her side talk to vet she said it not broken and she as twisted her ankle to put her in her cage for today so she rest it go in Monday 9am is there anything I can do for her till then that wall help her ;( so worried about her she only six months old :bunnysuit: if any...
  10. Bobbles

    Help my Bunny belly is bit off

    :bambiandthumper her poo was water like and with hard bits to vying vet her said to put her on hay a no veg and water and her fiber first for day see how's I am worried abut her :sickbunny::bunnyangel2:
  11. Bobbles

    Hi have dog cage for my bunny

    :angelandbunny::headflick::great: looking to get her some thing bigger she growing fast ???? Papllion gaint she 6 months old not sure what to get now any help pls
  12. Bobbles

    Am I being bad not getting my bunny a friend

    I live in one bed flat!!! I give her run off house !!! She spend time with me and 2dogs love her to bits and she is part off family !!!! We'll she be ok without mate as don't have room for anymore bunny :running bunny
  13. Bobbles

    Ok I am looking for a savvy vet needed in huntly scotland

    Help pls need to see rabbit ??? savvy vet in huntly as don't drive I would get bus ore train
  14. Bobbles

    My bunny as weepy eye help

    Been to vets . With her and her as said that her eye was ok and that there nothing he can see this as been going on for 2 months 7 times I have been back with her and he still can see he look at her theet and said they were all good so worried about her she only 6 months old on Friday pls...