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  1. Minilop

    Two beautiful boys need a loving Home.

    Hey everybody. I feel terrible, but my two babies need a home. They are both neutered minilop males, and I love them to death. But without going into detail, I really don't feel like they are getting the attention they deserve. I am really busy at the moment, and with training 3-4 horses...
  2. Minilop

    Caption Contest #44

    Remember the good ol' days whenyou had your face out and I had my butt..andeveryone thought we were twins?
  3. Minilop

    3 Word Story

    While flying backwards
  4. Minilop

    How many RO bunnies do we have?

    I have two, So that is.. 198!
  5. Minilop

    Infection After neuter

    Thanks everyone for your help! He definatley hasn't lost his apatite. :P
  6. Minilop

    Cao and Col - Togetether at last!

    Thanks Gracie. :)
  7. Minilop

    Infection After neuter

    The vet told us not to spray the anti infection spray any more. It wasn't hurting him at all, but apparently it wouldn't be very affective. He now has to have any injectable drug every morning for three days. He also had two others before this, so that is a total of 5 injections lately. He...
  8. Minilop

    Cao and Col - Togetether at last!

    Very very annoying. Plus, he needs injections every morning, and two the last few nights. He really doesn't like me at the moment. :expressionless I do hope the bonding works again! How are your two going?
  9. Minilop

    Cao and Col - Togetether at last!

    Maybe you will beet me after all. Cao's got a horrible infection called Pasteurella, that takes a long time to heal. They are separated again. :cry2 So much for that bonding. http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/articles/past.shtml Cao was really dominant when it came to the bonding, and there was...
  10. Minilop

    Infection After neuter

    Update - Cao's infection is called Pasteurella, and it is a virus caused by his wound opening up. Apparently it takes a long time to heal, and we have been given some more anti infection drugs to cure it, that have to be given every morning. Here is a page about what Pasteuella is. My poor...
  11. Minilop

    Infection After neuter

    Thanks guys for your speedy replies. Claire – There were two injections. I think they were mainly pain-killers. Mum had to inject him, so she knows what they are - but is at work at the moment. James – He had a head collar on when he had the stitches in, but they got taken out two weeks...
  12. Minilop

    Infection After neuter

    Hey guys. Last night I got Cao out, and flipped him over to check out his healing. Not good. :(He had the stitches out about two weeks ago - But had a few other little problems. Nothing Big. But now, It looks like he has got a nasty infection down there, with alot of pus and open wound. He is...
  13. Minilop

    Michael Buble

    I just googled him. :D
  14. Minilop

    Cao and Col - Togetether at last!

    Howdy all! :) Finally the bunny’s are together. For the last couple of weeks they have had been side by side, with various little meetings in different places, swapping of blankets etc. Cao was neutered 2 weeks and 2 days ago now (Wow!) It went so quick! He is definitely the dominant one...
  15. Minilop

    michael jackson

    Michael Jackson. I can't believe it. Rest In peace Michael. You'llalways be a legend - Unforgettable.
  16. Minilop

    Black rex

    Aww. He is gorgeous.I wish I lived closer! Does he have a name? :)
  17. Minilop

    What to name this lil guy?

    I think he Really suits Char. Plus, I don't think I have ever met any other bunny with that name! He's too adorable. :)
  18. Minilop

    Walking a rabbit

    I think itmostly depends on yourrabbit and their personality. Also, maybe letting your bunny get used to the harness. CaoLOVES going on the harness, and when he hears the little bell on it ring - he comes running over to be let out on it. He absolutely adores it! He will be running around (I...
  19. Minilop

    Cavy Breeding

    Maybe Anti-Breeding is a good thing? Like I said, there are alot of showable piggies in rescues and shelters. :( I was a member of Cavy Compendium for Years, but hadn't been on for about 6 months.I can't believe its shut down! That was a great site. I will really miss it. Cavycages may be...
  20. Minilop

    Cavy Breeding

    I havetwo guinea pigs at the moment, and have studied and learnt alot about them over the past years. I wanted to know all I could, and found so much useful information from two main sites - - www.cavycompendium.com - www.cavycages.com There is alot of great information on here...