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  1. MILU

    30 Mischievous Bunnies Who Have No Regrets About Taking Over Your House

    I'm laughing so much!!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy this! https://www.thedodo.com/rabbits-bunnies-shaming-1048353588.html :laugh:
  2. MILU

    MILU, the two-headed rabbit!!

    MILU, the two-headed rabbit on the news.. http://m.scoopsandiego.com/mobile/mission_valley_news/local_news/two-headed-rabbit-is-purchased-for-million-dollars/article_f44bb510-356e-11e1-9b64-0019bb30f31a.html
  3. MILU

    Carrot has diarrhea!

    OMG Carrot has diarrhea.. I don't know how serious this is for bunnies. I don't know what to do. She eats pellets, carrot tops, cauliflower leaves and broccoli leaves. I gave her some 3 beetroot leaves the other day. When she got here (this is her 5th night here), her pee was orange...
  4. MILU

    Carrot the bunny!!!

    Bilém was adopted on August 20, and that same night I got a new bunny to foster, her name is Carrot. She was REALLY scared and shy when she first got here. She almost didn't eat, ran away when anyone got closer, and if I tried to touch her when she ran to hide inside the cage, she'd hit the...
  5. MILU

    Bumps in ears, wet nose and eyes

    I've been very worried about Bilem (read "Beelain"), the bunny I'm fostering.. Before she came here, she has been beaten by other rabbits (not sure about people), she had her eye tore, I don't know what else. So the area above her left eye is a little swollen, but ok. What actually worries...
  6. MILU

    Fostering bunnies!!!

    Hi everybody! It's been a long time since my MILU passed... I didn't know if I could have bunnies again, even 'cause I've been traveling a lot lately, I spent almost all of last year traveling. So, being uncertain if I could have another bunny, I asked people who have a group that protects...
  7. MILU

    I'm in Madison, WI - and can volunteer...

    Hi everybody, I'm in Madison, really happy to see happy wild bunnies pullulating all over :biggrin2:(especially one that found a banana and was eating it eagerly; and except for one who was bleeding in the eye area and seemed blind :(- I made it go away from the street, don't know what else I...
  8. MILU

    MILU in the news!!! :D

    Ok, this is funny, but who's in the news? MILU!! Now I also call him "Bogus Bunny".. hehe The article was published on Jan. 2. It's ironic, but it doesn't matter. It matter that MILU has made the headlines, and got more attention than the actual real news...
  9. MILU

    Bunny World Foundation

    Hey everybody, I've just found out about this awesome place that rescues animals, they desperately need help... they have even been fighting the mafia in order to protect the animals, they're in Los Angeles and the mayor might be more interested in helping those who can vote instead of...
  10. MILU

    For my MILU!

    MILU was very special, he taught me many things I never dream I'd know about the unknown, he helps me understanding life and death... I love him very much (of course I love other pets I had and all animals, but MILU was very special!!) I'd like to pay him a homage.. to make him become worth...
  11. MILU


    I've just seen this, what they do is simply too brutal to animals (and it seems like even kids are involved in it?) I don't dare reproducing the description here but they do a lot of evil things and torture animals in horrific ways!! Please sign this petition, it's very easy and fast, to request...
  12. MILU

    America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest!!

    I don't know what American shelters have members here on Rabbits Online, but let me know and I'll vote for you. The winner gets $15,000. I guess the bunnies could use the prize. http://www.care2.com/animalsheltercontest/
  13. MILU


    We should have a section about pics of Easter bunnies - either your bunnies or other bunnies... after all, this is the time of the year when all bunnies get really important all over the world, and bunny owners are all proud of their "babies". Here's a pic of MILU I send as an Easter...
  14. MILU

    Where do you like to kiss your bunny?

    I liked to kiss MILU on the top of his head, between his ears... how I miss that cute little head to kiss! I also liked to kiss his back. :kiss1: :big kiss:
  15. MILU


    I guess I didn't post a thread here for MILU when he "left". It was on Dec. 05, 2010. This is 1 minute of silence for you, MILU. I will always love you. .
  16. MILU

    Your nick-names!

    Hi, I'm MILU. I guess. My 1st name was Poulet, and I'm still Poulet, but I prefer to be called MILU. Or TU ("tu" means "you"). Or Momet. Or Bobet. Or Caqui. . Or........... I've recently found out that I'm not the only bunny who's called hundreds and hundreds of names by a human. I also got...
  17. MILU


    I'm not sure if this is what it takes to make my bun's blog... I'm not too smart for these things, I guess. I hope I'm doing this right. I had a rabbit called "Fedorento" who died at the age of 6 months. He was very happy, seemed healthy, was ok the night before his death (even did naughty...
  18. MILU

    (RIP) Pasteurella?? (molar spurs)

    Hi everybody, here I am again.. I guess some of you may remember me and my bunny's case. He's a 5-yar old male rabbit. http://www.rabbitsonline.net/view_topic.phpid=53715&forum_id=16&highlight=emergency%3F Once again, for those who didn't follow my previous trend, I'm in Brazil and our...
  19. MILU

    Rabbit dentists - Brazil

    Just in case there are more people in Brazil not knowing where to take their rabbits, this is a good place for dental work - Odontovet. The only problem is that they're dentists only, do not treat any other problems (so, let's say your rabbit has a heart problem after or even during the...
  20. MILU

    skin problem (after dental surgery) ..

    Oh my poor rabbit!! He's recovered from a dental surgery he had on Jan. 22nd, got ok.. check my previous post if you want: http://www.rabbitsonline.net/view_topic.php?id=53715&forum_id=16&highlight=emergency%3F But last night I found another issue: he has a big spot on the inner part...