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    Does anyone know any good books for Lionhead breeders?

    There was a really good book I heard of a while ago that helped explain the genetics of Lionhead rabbits and how to breed them successfully, but I forgot it’s name. I believe it was by the ARBA, but I’m not sure. It was supposedly really informative for beginners. Does this sound familiar to...
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    What coloring is my buck? And what should I breed him with?

    This is Mr. Hyde. I’m looking for a doe and am going to be breeding him soon, and I’m curious what color he is called and what colors he would go best with. I’ve done a bit of research and from what I’ve researched I believe he’s called a Chinchilla, but I don’t know for sure. I know some color...
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    How do I calm my bunny down?

    My little buck has become almost feral and will grunt and kick when I pick him up. When I got him he was super docile, but now he runs away from me and lunges if I stick my hand in his cage. I’m suspecting it might be that he’s stressed out, due to the fact that his hutch and enclosure are...
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    What will the babies look like?

    I just bred my two Lionhead buns about a month ago and my doe is about to give birth. My doe is a Black Tort. My buck is a chinchilla. Both are purebred double maned lionheads. What do you think the babies will look like? This is their first time being bred together so I'm curious how it will...
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    New breeder. Looking for advice.

    Hello, just joined this website. I've just started breeding my rabbits and am looking for some advice from the older breeders. I'm only 17 and my mom just started allowing me to breed them. Everything is going pretty well, but my doe isn't having babies yet for some reason. My doe is 2 years...