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  1. Ally Ayala

    Help ! Cleaning my baby rabbit

    I dont recommend to clean the bunny so often because then she starts to loose the habbit of cleaning it herself and rabbits tend to grrom more than cats. Like blue eyes said only when needed like pee or mud because that you dont want her consuming. Anything else like a little dirt is okay is you...
  2. Ally Ayala

    Litter training!

    Okay thank you so much I appreciate it and I look into rabbit vets around my area and take her for a assessment and to check out spaying her. I really just want to know how old she is she is still young, but I don't know how many months. So I hope they can give me a acurate age
  3. Ally Ayala


    My bunny her name is reese for reeses peices!
  4. Ally Ayala

    Litter training!

    Wow thanks that was very helpful information. I rescued my rabbit from a litter in an abanond lot that somone posted on facebook, so I have 0 idea how old she is can vets tell just by looking at her? And I dont know the cost of these precudures considering money is tight and I wasn't expecting...
  5. Ally Ayala

    Litter training!

    No she is not spayed I'm to scared to take the risk because I know some people have lost their bunnys having them spayed.
  6. Ally Ayala

    Litter training!

    My bunny has a litter box in her pin but she only pees in it, she poops everywhere and I can't keep cleaning up at night. How do I train her to look in the litterbox too not just pee! Please and thank you