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  1. StitchLover

    Jeffery (previously Stitch)

    I had someone at a party tell me none of his rabbits ever lived past 4 and that 3 was an average life. I'm fairly certain bunnies usually live way longer than that though and can't help but feel like I did something to cause this.
  2. StitchLover

    Jeffery (previously Stitch)

    :( it happened so suddenly. I'm still trying to process it. One of my friends offered me a free bunny but I don't even know if I'll ever want another bunny. I would just feel like I was trying to replace him.
  3. StitchLover

    Jeffery (previously Stitch)

    Jeffery died on Thursday. I still don't know why. On Wednesday he was acting strange. I set him down and his front legs gave out, he fell on his side. I picked him back up and rubbed his back for a few minutes then set him down again. He went straight to eating and seemed just fine. The next day...
  4. StitchLover

    What Colors should I breed? - Holland Lops

    I'm no expert on genetics but usually half of the traits come from dad and half from mom so if you breed the harlequin the chances are probably 50/50. Maybe a little lower. Definitely not zero though. Not sure on the chestnut. It really depends. I'd recommend the chestnut and broken blue if...
  5. StitchLover

    Accidental litter needs homes

    Aww so cute! Too bad you live on the other side of the country! I'd totally take her. My bunny is getting kinda lonely so I was going to get him a friend.
  6. StitchLover

    Upside Down Nail?

    My rabbit's nails ended up getting really long because I moved and lost the nail clippers. Then I lost my job and my dog had a medical emergency so it just slipped my mind. He stopped eating so I took him to the vet and they clipped his nails for me. I did notice that one of the nails is upside...
  7. StitchLover

    Low cost neutering?

    Okay thanks, I'll try that. I just got a new job so hopefully I can get this done soon. It's just a little confusing because on all of the websites that list everyone in the area that does spay/neuter it lists the SPCA as charging around $30-$60 but the SPCA's site says $130. Not sure if that's...
  8. StitchLover

    Low cost neutering?

    Yeah they're the ones charging $130. That is definitely not in my budget and my bunny is already 3 so I don't want to wait too much longer to have it done.
  9. StitchLover

    Any dog breed you wouldnt own, and which breed would you love to have

    I have a lab that I absolutely love, she might be a little stupid but she has a HUGE heart. My family had an akita chow mix. She was a big furball and kinda grumpy because she was getting old. She didn't like my lab when we first got her but she warmed up to her after our neighbor's dog broke...
  10. StitchLover

    Low cost neutering?

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've been on here. I've noticed recently that my bunny (renamed Jeffery) has gotten really lonely. I want to get him a friend but I want to get him neutered first. The only place I can find costs $130. I recently lost my job and that is definitely out of...
  11. StitchLover

    Upcoming litter...and breeding woes...eventual question. lol

    Are you palpating them? That's a way to make sure they're pregnant.
  12. StitchLover

    Awful pet store in Wisconsin.

    That was from www.bornfreeusa.com for reference. You can also look at petstoreabuse.com for ways to get them a surprise inspection.
  13. StitchLover

    Awful pet store in Wisconsin.

    I found this online "Unweaned Animals: Prohibits retailers from selling fowl, ducks or baby rabbits under 2 months old. Exceptions: in quantities of 6 or more animals, or for agriculture or science. Heating facilities must be supplied to the baby fowl while offered for sale."
  14. StitchLover

    What does your family and friends think about your relationship with your rabbit(s)?

    It took a little convincing but I got my mom on board the bunny train. She even drove me to Bakersfield to pick him up (I live in Sac County, 10 hour drive round trip) my dad didn't really agree with it. He said the drive wasn't worth it. My mom doesn't mind as long as my room stays clean...
  15. StitchLover

    Stitch the Holland

    So I took him to show practice today and it went okish. He didn't like the car ride or being flipped so he was a little upset. The heat was a big problem and by the time we got home he was overheated, laying on his side, not eating, shaking, and breathing heavy. So I got a cold water bottle and...
  16. StitchLover

    Stitch the Holland

    I have more pictures! Here's Stitch eating my homework lol And showing my backpack who's boss
  17. StitchLover

    Stitch the Holland

    So I take him to school in two days and he's still not a fan of the flipping. I think it's actually making him sick. So for now I limit it and just let him run around my room. He loves going to the corners and playing with the towel hanging from my hamper. I'll try to get pictures of that lol. I...
  18. StitchLover

    Your nick-names!

    My name is supposed to be Stitch but my human calls me Buddy so much that I'm not sure anymore. My favorite activity is to make as much noise as possible when she's trying to sleep so she also sometimes calls me "noisy-bun".