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  1. Maki_p29

    RHVD2 in the US - what you need to know

    Thanks! I just checked out the list, may try to contact my vet to get more information on the vaccine.
  2. Maki_p29

    One of our boys is sneezing

    Hmm maybe they should try a culture of the infection to see what medicine is best to fight the infection. Maybe also a tear ducts flush. Sometimes dust or stuff can get into their tear ducts and cause infection/ sneezing.
  3. Maki_p29

    My bunny might have cancer

    I’m so sorry to hear that your fuzzy bunny friend Nus hasn’t been feeling well and experiencing distressing symptoms without answers 😢. Maybe they have a problem with bladder sludge or kidney issue? I wonder what is causing them to have a high level of calcium? Hopefully the new testing will...
  4. Maki_p29

    RHVD2 in the US - what you need to know

    Any vets that have the vaccine listed for Connecticut/ New York? p.s I’m glad this thread is posted, I was just about to ask about this virus. p.s.s Also does anyone know what the symptoms of this virus are?
  5. Maki_p29

    Help! Bunny has bladder sludge!

    Thanks for the well wishes. I really hope she pulls through been constantly trying to help her since Wednesday this week been to the Vet 3 different times. My bunny hates Oxbow food and everything from that brand. It doesn’t agree with her digestive system since they changed their recipe. The...
  6. Maki_p29

    Help! Bunny has bladder sludge!

    This different Vet wanted to do surgery which would cost thousands of dollars and do a ultrasound (despite one recently being done) which would be at least 1000$( they quoted me 400$ but it ended up being that much and had to have help from relatives to be able to afford it or they wouldn’t...
  7. Maki_p29

    Help! Bunny has bladder sludge!

    I’ve been trying to treat my bunny at the vet. She has a bad bout of bladder sludge( it’s been a chronic on going problem for a few years now) with a bit of GI Stasis. Her usual vet is not in on week days since the Covid virus outbreak and a different vet that has never dealt with my bunny...
  8. Maki_p29

    My rabbit has been pregnant for ages??

    I agree with Jasminebunny, take your bunny to the Vet. It’s pretty odd if they keep absorbing their litters. The vet can confirm if there is babies or not. They may also be able to give great suggestions on pregnancies.
  9. Maki_p29

    Broken Bones in Paw. Just rest?

    It may repair itself. The only other thing they could do is to wrap it in a band/splint. But it may not be necessary since it’s a front paw. Do you trust this Vet and their opinion seems sound? If so I would follow what they recommended. If the answer to the above is no, then try to seek another...
  10. Maki_p29

    My rabbit is lethargic and sneezing, please help!

    They may be shedding right now. This time of year rabbits typically shed hair and sometimes it can look like the little patches you described. Please take a picture so I can get a closer look of what’s going on with your rabbits fur. Try to encourage your rabbit to move as much as possible and...
  11. Maki_p29

    Flemish Rabbit Needing to be Re-homed: Syracuse, NY

    She looks great! I hope you are able to find her a home. My current rabbit Hawkeye has the same attitude so it wouldn’t be a match. I really hope she gets a great home!
  12. Maki_p29

    Frustrated bunny wants to complain

    King Oden, Your bunny slave sounds quite obnoxious. How dare they not allow you to continue to munch on your select top class snacks and next violate you. How preposterous of them. Just know that Empress Hawkeye would gladly lend you her strong hand to put your bunny maid in their proper...
  13. Maki_p29

    Help! Rabbit has white eggs? on his feces

    I hope your bunny recovers! Please keep me updated
  14. Maki_p29

    Four Vet Visits-Help!

    Maybe he has too much discomfort to drink. It’s good you are giving fluids under the skin. Dandelion leaves are good for rabbits. I would give it in small amounts. I’m not sure about the kale your vet prescribed. I think it would cause gas. Maybe the vet prescribed it for fiber. It’s good your...
  15. Maki_p29

    My rabbits don’t like pet remedy?

    Dried camomile is good to reduce stress and discomfort in rabbits too along with the other herbs stated above.
  16. Maki_p29

    *URGENT* Rabbit dangerously skinny

    What is the vet going to do about his teeth problems? That may be why your bunny is very underweight.
  17. Maki_p29

    My bun doesn't act the same with licking the mouth a lot

    He may have some GI problems and gas. Try giving him baby gas drops. Encourage him to eat hay. What type of vegetables are you feeding him?
  18. Maki_p29

    Anyone have any issues with use of Cisapride (Prepuside)

    So sorry for your loss!
  19. Maki_p29

    Frustrated bunny wants to complain

    A good way to put your human to good use in your favor! - Hawkeye the Empress & Queen-pin
  20. Maki_p29

    Help! Rabbit has white eggs? on his feces

    I totally agree that the poop in the picture is NOT seeds but a tapeworm/parasite of some sort. I think your Vet didn’t exactly know what was going on and just told you the next “logical” reasoning to give you an answer. They should of had that sample sent out to a lab for testing.... try this...