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    Rabbit needs to see me feed him

    I have two rabbits,both of whom like to be encouraged,verbally and physically,to eat when they are at liberty in the living room in the evening.they will feed perfectly well without it,but with it they seem to relish the food even more.Likewise,when I'm eating,they like to eat at the same...
  2. J

    Urgent help needed!!! Month old bunny fell from 5ft what should I do!! Please help asap!!!!!

    I'd certainly agree with the other member's advice,perhaps with the addition of confining him to a smaller area with some blankets or soft bedding and shelter so that he can relax.if he runs around too much now he could obviously make things worse without realising it.Comfort him and let him...
  3. J

    Urgent help needed!!! Month old bunny fell from 5ft what should I do!! Please help asap!!!!!

    The swelling is nature's way of protecting and immobilising an injury site,so obviously he needs to be seen,given pain meds and treatment ASAP,but in the meantime just keep him quiet,calm and resting...Stress and fear are the main enemies with sensitive creatures like rabbits,so anything you can...
  4. J

    Urgent help needed!!! Month old bunny fell from 5ft what should I do!! Please help asap!!!!!

    Sorry to hear that your rabbit is injured,but I would add a couple of things to what has already been said.I think the advice to never carry him is,in my view,incorrect,since it means that you do not become proficient at doing this safely,and he does get used to the fact that it is not a nasty...
  5. J

    In need of prayer......

    Glad that my words made some difference-it's always difficult to know what to say without sounding patronising,but we know that,with all our failings,we tried our best for them,and i think they know that.It will be a pleasure to correspond in future.
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    In need of prayer......

    So sorry for your loss and greetings from england.Don't feel ashamed or odd for your feelings,pity those who have never known what it is like to give your heart to an animal and get one back .I have had several rabbits,some of whom are no longer with me,and i have broken my heart with each...
  7. J

    Mini Rex developed strange fur pattern

    Almost certainly moulting patterns.An agouti coloured rabbit I had developed some wonderful patterns and swirls when moulting,and on one occasion had what looked liked three sixes in the fur- we nicknamed him the little devil!
  8. J

    My rabbit is making strange noises

    Don't worry,it's probably just his way of expressing concentration and pleasure.my buck does it all the time,when he's enjoying food or grooming his mate,or grooming himself.When he first did it I thought he had some sort of breathing issue but unless they are doing it all the time,i wouldn't...
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    Just to add that while kale is very much appreciated by rabbits,it has been found to have quite high pesticide residues in tests on fruit and vegetables.Usually it will say on the bag 'unwashed curly kale etc.I always give it a really good soak and rinse before feeding it just to be on the safe...
  10. J

    Coping with hot weather

    Just an observation or two.Since frosted greens can cause serious issues of chilling for the stomach and intestines,I wouldn't use ice cubes personally.Given that they;ll probably melt quickly anyway they will be of little value in reality.The frozen water bottle works very well and they love to...
  11. J

    Handling a touch-starved adopted bunny!

    I have to disagree to some extent with a couple of comments about rabbits and handling.Of course an individual's inate character has a bearing,as it does with us,but in my personal experience with several rabbits which had not been handled,including one I have at present,you have to persevere...
  12. J

    How do you handle drunk people in public?

    I know this may be a silly question,but why are we talking about drunken people on a rabbit forum?Perhaps facebook might be better!
  13. J

    Help my Rabbit Fell!!

    I'm happy that he's OK but like all accidents it should be a wake up call to avoid it in future.Many moons ago I was a zoo keeper,and among many other things,I was taught to always think of the worst that can happen and plan for it.This especially includes holding and handling animals.In the...
  14. J

    I need a good rabbit brush

    Just a suggestion for you.Get a small battery operates clipper and keep that area short for hygiene's sake.it will be much more manageable and comfortable.
  15. J

    Bunny has a scab(?)

    This may seem an obvious suggestion,but has he had any innoculations previously or recently? sometimes at the site of an injection,a scab forms which persists for quite a while but is harmless.just a thought for you.
  16. J

    Bunny sounds

    Don't get too anxious although it's understandable that you are watching out for every little abnormality,and in fact that isn't a bad thiung-it shows you care.Just chill a little and observe.My male robbie mutters and grunts all the time when he's relaxed or happy and having a stroke and a...