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  1. ravenmoore36

    How often do you clean your rabbit's cage and litter?

    Hi We clean every morning and every evening before bed. We take out any wet wood litter leaving clean and dry alone. We completely strip and clean the whole litter tray as soon as required. Ivy left. Ollie right
  2. ravenmoore36

    Free roaming?

    Hi. My two free roam our one bed flat. We use play pens (Amazon) and cable guard to protect what we don't want damaged. In both rooms it's bunny bunny bunny centred .
  3. ravenmoore36

    EC study in the UK

    Haven't been on for quite awhile. Variety of reasons. My baby girl developed economies and generously gave it to me.....I'm immuno deficent. This was a while ago now. I found lethargy showed me my baby had the disease. With the right medication she did reasonably well. We were sent to Trinity...
  4. ravenmoore36

    UK vet list regularly updated

    Hi. I have a fantastic rabbit savy vets Eastbourne Vets 89-91 Seaside Eastbourne East Sussex BN22 7NL (UK) 01323 639331
  5. ravenmoore36

    Not been on for a bit moving home

    Better view of new fur baby than the foggy ball one
  6. ravenmoore36

    Slow moving Hamster

    I've kept and bread hamsters for 30 years. Get her to a vet. Something's wrong. It could be an infection or, white hamsters are prone to anemia.
  7. ravenmoore36

    Not been on for a bit moving home

    Hi I havent been on because we have moved with all its attended difficulties. We have a new fur baby too. No one wanted him as he is an alpha male and cant live with other males. He is however very much ivys.
  8. ravenmoore36

    URGENT! Please Help - Ran out of 1 brand of pellets

    They just wont touch them. No matter what brand. They sit in front of the bowl with a really do me a favour look and a look of disdain. If looks could kill there's would do the job nicely
  9. ravenmoore36

    URGENT! Please Help - Ran out of 1 brand of pellets

    How do you get your buns to eat the pellets? Mine wont eat any brand at all! Believe me iv tried. Fresh all the way and loads and loads of meadow hay.
  10. ravenmoore36


    Amazon is where i got my play pen.
  11. ravenmoore36

    Hay everywhere

    I put a ground sheet in my bunny area. So much easier to keep clean.
  12. ravenmoore36

    Bunny with urinary issues needs help

    Look into ecuniculi
  13. ravenmoore36

    2018 Cages

    This is our bunnies' personal space where their toilet and hay are kept. They have the run of the room and often the whole flat but they can be secured here for short periods if needed. Their total pen space is 12 feet square.
  14. ravenmoore36

    Help! Smelly bunnies!

    I have house buns. They have a litter box with rabbit friendly sawdust. I clean out the wet stuff throughout the day. Do you have carpet? Clean regularly. I dont have a hutch, i have a wire pen on a ground sheet. Gives them more run room. Dont want chubby bunnies.[emoji195]
  15. ravenmoore36

    We Need More Bunny Vets! Please Sign and Share!

    I live in Eastbourne East Sussex. We are exceptionally fortunate to have a rabbit savy vet practice. Eastbourne Vets. They are not an exotic vets just a standard practice.
  16. ravenmoore36

    2018 Cages

    My guys have the whole flat to run in. They have a pen for occasions they need to be secured
  17. ravenmoore36

    Tips for nail clipping, and gender determination?

    Vaccines save lifes in the uk. Mixi and vhd are horrendous diseases. Perhaps rabbit diseases arnt as prevalant in the US. Different enviroments and climates perhaps?
  18. ravenmoore36

    Bonding pre/post spay

    Patience. We have had to bring a new bun into our lives. On 1st december 16 our princess passed away at home in my arms and her partner next to me. He almost died.......twice from grief. His uncle and i took him to adoption centre to choose a new friend. We came home with a year and a half old...
  19. ravenmoore36

    Tips for nail clipping, and gender determination?

    Go to your vet for both. Kimchi will have to be vaci ated and spayed too.
  20. ravenmoore36

    Bunny harnesses

    Here is a pic of the harness and the bunny carrier we use. The picture of him in the harness admittedly wasnt very clear
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