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  1. Milyvan

    Spanish Moss

    Is Spanish Moss safe for our furfriends? I've looked around and haven't found an answer anywhere! For those who may not know, it's not actually a moss: I guess it's more related to pineapple plants. Here's a Wiki link: I have my own "pet" Spanish...
  2. Milyvan

    Crusties on rump

    I'm sure it's probably covered somewhere but I couldn't find.... Beautiful Tumper (Was his name already. Didn't change for his benefit. If he were not name-associated I would've called him Gizmo.) is a very furry lionhead who has been through a lot of neglect in his life. In fact, he still...
  3. Milyvan

    Litter Training

    Dusty - whom I've discovered is a Rex Harlequin (but I still think may have a touch of lion in her due to the fur around her sweet face) - is perfectly pad trained. How difficult would it be to switch her to litter training? What would be the best way to work with her towards this? I'm very...
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