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  1. Nela

    An allergy question

    A 12 can be high. I have gotten results like that myself and they were high results but I don't remember how it works. I know back in the day they measured the hive itself when doing a skin test... When I did my last test it was done with a bloodtest and it had numbers in that range I believe...
  2. Nela

    8 week old mini lop with a hanging torn ear. What can I do?

    How sweet that your daughter took the lil one in. It doesn't look like it would be something that would bother much but I would worry about it catching in something and tearing later on? I would suggest asking the vet when you go in for a checkup . Like someone mentioned, getting it done (if the...
  3. Nela

    I have 2 bunnies now..

    *Squeals* Eeeeee sooooooo adorable! Mini-rex are a favorite of mine and harlequins are my fav. colors too! Awwww :D Congrats on your new babe.
  4. Nela

    Got my "replacement" bunny

    I'm sorry to hear about the previous bun. I hope your experience with this one will be better. :) Just a suggestion for the future for anyone that may end up in a similar situation... If the store doesn't want to give the money and you do not want an animal from them, ask for a store credit...
  5. Nela

    Chewing away at Hutch!! Help!

    Both my girls absolutely ruined their hutches. Maybelle even ate through one of Rolo's hutch's legs and I was scared it would collapse. *Facepalms* If at all possible, I would suggest tiling the walls (just need construction glue, silicone, and tiles - some have had success with vinyl sticky...
  6. Nela

    New star wars movie 2015!

    I'm skeptical and curious at the same time. I do think that if anyone has a chance at making something good, it would be Disney. Hopefully, they will really devote themselves to making a good quality movie :)
  7. Nela

    culture in various US states

    I'm not American but I have always been very much attracted to Vermont and those areas for some reason. Lol. I haven't a clue how much it costs to live there nor how good the quality of life is but it looks like such a gorgeous place. Best of luck in your search! :)
  8. Nela

    celebrating a looooong marriage

    Awww. I can't help but feel bad for him. To lose someone that was your other half for 70 or so years... ouch. Much love to you and yours.
  9. Nela

    Praying for Connecticut

    Yeah the girl on the phone is Carlee Soto, her sister Vickie Soto, 27. I cried for all of them, and was so gutted to find out that Carlee's sister was one of the victims. Bleh. What a terrible thing. Such young children. I have 20 lights in my star on top of my Christmas tree. One for each sweet...
  10. Nela

    bunny garden murderers - need help!

    I use soapy water on all my plants. Have you tried that?
  11. Nela

    Do you believe in Cesar Milans ways of dog training?

    I see dog training the same way I see raising kids. If you do not discipline children properly and teach them right behavior vs bad behavior, they will just end up with rowdy kids that don't understand authority and will just do anything they want whenever they want. They will start believing...
  12. Nela

    Concerned about Crumble

    Thanks for all the help guys.:biggrin: We decided to monitor it for now as a few good points were brought up. First of all, the vet did mention that the spraying was possible due to the recent neuter and the hormones going a bit haywire before settling down. Also, Shiloh brought up a good point...
  13. Nela

    Concerned about Crumble

    Hey guys, would you mind giving me some advice? A while back, I noticed that Crumble's pee puddles were quite large. They seemed larger than I ever remembered any bunny peeing. Since he was otherwise healthy, I decided I would monitor it. Crumble has always had a voracious appetite. Voracious...
  14. Nela

    Crumble is Being Neutered

    Thanks guys. :) We picked him up yesterday after the vets saw him eating. He came home and was scoffing down hay and pellets, etc. as if we had been away from his food too long. Lol. (no worries, there was no fasting involved, he ate right up until they knocked him out) This morning, he was...
  15. Nela

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    *Giggle snicker snort* This is a great thread! :biggrin:
  16. Nela

    Audrina is sick again :(

    Awww poor babe. That sounds horrible. I think it's those times that it must really suck to be a mum, when you can't take the crap away from them. Wishing her well and hoping it goes away quickly!
  17. Nela

    Crumble is Being Neutered

    Eep! My boy should be in surgery right now. It's always so nerve-wracking! I can't believe he's not my baby boy anymore. He just grew up so quickly! Gah! Meanwhile, Pucky (our dog and Crumble's best pal) saw us leave with him and was looking for him when he got back. He just puked all over the...
  18. Nela

    Cosmo has a horrible malocclusion :(

    Crumble's teeth looked similar to that when we first got him however we are lucky and they seem to be fixing themselves so we don't need to do much at this stage other than monitor him and have the sharp edges trimmed when necessary. (They were breaking for a while, they seemed rather brittle...
  19. Nela

    Pregnant crazy or legit?

    If you are paying for the house you rent, you are essentially paying for the space she is using. If that is the case, I would give her the choice between getting her stuff out asap, charging her for storage, or not paying rent until the house is in rentable condition. ;) I hope she moves her...
  20. Nela

    This has become a NIGHTMARE!

    Oh thank goodness! I kept checking back for updates! I am soooo happy that it all worked out in the end. I still remember how I felt with the kitties flying so I cannot imagine how I would have been with rabbits! Well done you! I hope you guys enjoy yourselves :)
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