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  1. Angel the rabbit

    My rabbit doesn't get a lot of treats, why won't she eat hay?

    My rabbit doesn't eat enough hay, usually she eats only (probably) one handful of hay everyday, and she's not a very small rabbit either. I bought my timothy hay online and it didn't say what flavor the hay was, so could it be that the taste of it isn't good? She almost never gets pellets or...
  2. Angel the rabbit

    Rabbit has diarrhea pls help!!

    It’s not the first time ive seen diarrhea-like stuff on the towel, I didn’t know what it was so I ignored it, it’s been over a week and she ‘diarrheas’ everyday. Is it dangerous and do I need to take her to the vet?
  3. Angel the rabbit

    Something wrong w my rabbit’s nose?!

    There is something on my rabbit’s nose, is it just poop or is it something else serious? Should I be worried?
  4. Angel the rabbit

    Hamster has swollen eye! Please help!

    I know this is a rabbit forum but I could not really get much help from the hamster forums! My hamster has a swollen eye, it just looks like a small mosquito bite but I hope that it’s nothing more serious. Should I be worried and do I need to take him to a vet?
  5. Angel the rabbit

    Aggressive rabbit

    I've had Angel for 8 months and she got spayed at 5 months old, somehow she got more aggressive. She was not like that before her spay, She growls a lot when I try to pet her or get into her personal space, and especially when I touch her food. About 2 weeks ago she bit me for the first time...
  6. Angel the rabbit

    How tall should a lionhead be?

    i think my lionhead rabbit is bigger than normal, she is 53cm/21 inch when fully stretched, height when sitting up normally is 17cm/6.5 inch and width is 30cm/12inch Weight 1.6kg I'm really just worried about her being a little overweight
  7. Angel the rabbit

    Too small of a litter tray?

    o_OHello! I was wondering if a rabbit’s litter tray had some kind of 'minimum size’. My litter tray is obviously too small for her ;-;
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