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    The food game

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    Wat's Ur Favorite Food?

    I like eberyfing the sames. -Nora :dutch BANANA!! -Faye :brownbunny
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    Runt/head tilt

    I hope you can get a proper diagnosis :pray:
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    Irritated Eye Not Getting Better

    Marie, his little squeaks he's making sound normal. If he's having occasional dry flakes and scratching at his neck he may just have sensitive skin. Maybe it's something worse, but maybe not :) Is it cold in your house at night? Once when the power was out on my street in winter my Faye had...
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    Bonding: unneutered male & spayed female

    You can never really know until you put them together. Two perfectly sweet rabbits might despise one other at first sight and try to maul each other immediately. Bonding a fixed & not-fixed pair together is possible, it's just more unlikely and harder compared to if both were fixed. I'd make...
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    The food game

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    Word Association - 2011

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    Untrainable... please help

    To be honest, the only thing that sounds like it would be troublesome is the poor litter habits. Not being a big chewer and getting in his water bowl are more of personality quirks than big problems I think. You can try a water bottle as others have suggested or you can get a water crock that...
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    Word Association - 2011

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    Me's boyfriend

    I wan a boyfrenn :( But momma says no more bonbons :cry2 -Nora :dutch Boyfrennses are ober-rated Nowa. I has had one before. -Faye :brownbunny
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    Black nail?!

    :yeahthat: It might have been damaged, or it's just naturally like that. Rabbits can have all light, dark, or mixed nails.
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    Happy 1st Birthday My Little Silver!

    Happy birthday Silver, you adorable little scamp! :carrot
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    What do you think (pictures of my prospective buns)

    I'd ask the shelter about who to break up within the six :nod I'd worry there might be two that are especially close within the group, and of course you don't want to break them up or leave them behind to be broken up, since a lot of people probably don't go in to the shelter looking for more...
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    Are females terrible?

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    Word Association - 2011

    (just wanna have) fun
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    EMERGENCY -Please Help

    I'm sorry I don't have any knowledge of broken/injured legs to help you with, but I personally wouldn't give her to the new owners yet. I'm not even sure I understand why they would be so eager to pick her up, she is still injured and needs time to recuperate. New places & owners can always...
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    Shopping list

    Everything looks great! Is one of the toys a hideaway? Buns (esp newly brought home buns) do love to have somewhere to hide :nod
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    Won't eat hay, chew on anything, and eats litter

    Palmer, did the vet not check for testes to see if he was neutered? :o
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    Are females terrible?

    Well, I've had a male nethie (who could be anywhere from slightly nice to indifferent), a female havana (nice, affectionate), and a female mini rex (the most loving of all). All three were fixed of course. So in my experience the girls have been nicer to have, but that's only between 3 bunnies...
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    The food game