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  1. slavetoabunny

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit wants to come visit you!

    If Wendell can't make Midwest Bunfest, perhaps he can make it for our Key West sailing vacation Thanksgiving week.
  2. slavetoabunny

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit wants to come visit you!

    Wendell is welcome to visit me again! I am going to Midwest Bunfest October 30-November 4 and that would be so perfect for him. He would get to spend time with the bunnies at the Flopsy Parker Memorial Sanctuary in WV too.
  3. slavetoabunny

    Rabbit-friendly hotels?

    I always stay at Laquinta. They are clean, inexpensive and don't require a pet deposit.
  4. slavetoabunny

    please help with ID

    Sorry - but that is not a Dutch. This picture shows what a Dutch looks like.
  5. slavetoabunny

    Does anyone grocery shop in bulk?

    There are only two adults in my household and I regularly shop at Sam's Club. I purchase non-perishables in bulk, but you can also purchase meat, divide it up and freeze part of it. Definitely worth it in my opinion.
  6. slavetoabunny

    Las Vegas Help Needed!!!

    Los Angeles is only about 4 hours away. If you can help, contact the person in the original post. Thanks!!!!!
  7. slavetoabunny

    Want to adopt female dwarf breed - S. Florida

    We have many female dwarf rabbits to choose from!
  8. slavetoabunny

    Hard question - how much would you pay?

    When my Sparky first had her dental/abscess issue in 12/09 I spent almost $3,000 over 3 months to get her healthy again. Until she passed in 1/2013 I spent around $100 every 6 weeks to have her teeth trimmed. I know that not everyone can afford this, but is was totally worth it to give her 3...
  9. slavetoabunny

    New relationship

    I just married my other half on March 10th after spending 20 years together. We didn't want to rush into anything, lol.
  10. slavetoabunny

    Holland Lop or Thrianta

    The best one would be the one that you personally bond with their personality, not even considering breed.
  11. slavetoabunny

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    If there isn't any other member going to Midwest Bunfest in Columbus, OH I would be happy to take Wendell!
  12. slavetoabunny

    The dangers of "trancing" Please read.

    My Snowball's favorite relaxing position is upside down in the crook of my arm like a baby.
  13. slavetoabunny

    Hometown thread!

    My backyard pond in Ormond Beach, FL.
  14. slavetoabunny

    Do You Have a Smartphone?

    I travel a lot for work and gave in to a smart phone about a year ago. I love it!
  15. slavetoabunny

    clueless about smart phones and need advice!

    I have a Blackberry which I love and most people hate. I'm just curious why you hate AT&T? I have been with them for 15 years and have had zero problems. We use them for our home service too.
  16. slavetoabunny

    Banfield pet hospital

    It depends on the location. You would have to call your local Banfields to find out.
  17. slavetoabunny

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Great pictures! I just got caught up with Wendell's adventures. Do we have any Columbus, OH (or vicinity) members? Midwest Bunfest is November 2nd and I'm sure Wendell would love to attend. I'll be there (my 3rd year going).
  18. slavetoabunny

    Florida Bunfest 2013!!

    Some of them I already knew and some were Facebook friends that I hadn't yet me in person. Lots of people brought their own rabbits and they also had buns up for adoption. My group adopted 3 rabbits and a piggie!