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  1. Lukaku&Onana

    My rabbit is not moving or eating

    I know. I will keep trying. Thank you for your advice.
  2. Lukaku&Onana

    My rabbit is not moving or eating

    I have a syringe and I have critical care but I can't get it into him. He hates that syringe. I was supposed to give him his medicine after his neutering with it and had no success at all.
  3. Lukaku&Onana

    My rabbit is not moving or eating

    Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, I can't get anything into him, he will not take it. I can make him move but only if I chase him. Should I do that? It seems so cruel. I am trying to get someone to cover for me here so I can take him to the vet but so far I can't find anyone.
  4. Lukaku&Onana

    My rabbit is not moving or eating

    Please could anyone advice me? I am desperate and feel so helpless. My normally agile and normal eating almost one year old male rabbit Onana is just laying in his house since almost three hours, without touching his food. He has not done that before. His tummy feels soft and normal and he has...
  5. Lukaku&Onana


    You have taken one of your sick rabbits to the vet and left the other one that is also sick at home? If they are both suffering from something infectious? And the only vet you can reach charges you such an exorbitant sum for so little and without even telling you what he suspects? I had both my...
  6. Lukaku&Onana


    I agree one hundred percent. Even though I am in the UK and the situation might be different here (first of all we have the option to insure our rabbits for a small monthly premium), I find it exorbitant what your vet charges. Especially as there is an infectious disease involved. You urgently...
  7. Lukaku&Onana


    What disease is it that your rabbits suffer from? And what medication is needed? Maybe some members of the forum have some left and can send them to you?
  8. Lukaku&Onana

    Prettiest Bunny :$

    How gorgeous!
  9. Lukaku&Onana

    Rest easy baby Clover

    So sorry and sad, sweet little Clover. So good you felt love and were not alone.
  10. Lukaku&Onana

    6 Month Old Mini Rex Buck!!!

    I am so sorry to read your post and even more sorry that I can't help at all but still wanted to say that I wish a miracle to happen and you to be able to keep your long eared friend. He is one of the most beautiful rabbits I have ever seen and if I wasn't living in the UK but nearer to you I...
  11. Lukaku&Onana


    I'm so sad. He was so beautiful.
  12. Lukaku&Onana

    Newbie here with a helicopter bun!

    This is my Lukaku - also a helicopter. The ear came down when he was eight weeks old and stayed. We find it irresistible.
  13. Lukaku&Onana

    Is it safe for bunnies to eat the brown shipping paper that comes with Amazon boxes?

    Mine nibbled on it several times, because they love throwing my bin over. They both eat lots of hay and never had any problem.
  14. Lukaku&Onana

    Share your bunnies!

    And this is my beautiful Yeti Lukaku, also eight months old. They are both with us since three months and I have fallen in love with them more than I could ever imagine. They are both to be neutered today and I am dying with fear. Please do think of us.
  15. Lukaku&Onana

    Share your bunnies!

    This is my eight month old Onana, a beautiful black Havana-mix T
  16. Lukaku&Onana


    Thank you! No elderflower then. Anyone knows about rosemary?
  17. Lukaku&Onana


    Thanks a lot. I will try ash tree then - and our elderflower is huge. If that is safe, we would have plenty of branches. Unfortunately there are no apple trees around here, just my two young ones. Our lovely neighbour loves the rabbits and offered her cherry branches - but those we have...
  18. Lukaku&Onana


    My Onana loves chewing on twigs. The problem is - we haven't got any. I live in London, and I do trust basically nothing that doesn't grow in our own garden. We have plenty of herbs, salads and grass in great variety - but we have no willow tree, no hazelnut and only two very young and tiny...
  19. Lukaku&Onana

    Queen Raven

    She is gorgeous! I wish your son (and you) all the joys of animal friendship for many years.
  20. Lukaku&Onana

    New owner. Need help

    Welcome to a new sort of paradise ... I am a new rabbit owner myself, as our beautiful new friends Lukaku and Onana conquered our lives only three months ago, so I'm still learning and hope you will get much more reliable advice from all the lovely experienced people here. From what little I...