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  1. ElleRich

    What are good dog breeds for rabbits?

    I have 2 Chihuahuas (Paco & Hugo). Paco loves our rabbit, he will go over to her at like her head between her ears for a good 5 minutes. The rabbit just sits there letting him do it. Then she will do a lap around the coffee table, with Paco running after her, then she stops, does a bunny hop...
  2. ElleRich

    EAR infection

    Hi, that's good to hear that Thumper is much better. It's strange as our rabbit has clean ears, and from what i've read online the ear infection would causing crusting/ mites in the ears which would be visible. My vet has said our girl definitely has EC (the parasite) - its just a case of...
  3. ElleRich

    EAR infection

    Hi, How is little Thumper now? My bunny (Skyler) has a slight tilt of the head and i've been told by the vets that she has EC (a parasite/ bacteria of the middle ear). I haven't been given drops for her ear(s) though, just a syringe of meds to give her for 28 days & she has had an...
  4. ElleRich

    Bunnies eyes are moving back and forth

    Hi @shaowfire4353 how is your bunny? My bunny has the exact same eye issue, we had her at the vets last night and they said she has a parasite which is in her ear, that can cause brain damage, affect kidneys, eyes and other organs. I'm hoping we caught it early enough to treat, but its very...