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  1. polly

    Critique Please? 2 ND otter bucks

    Starstruck is the better buck. Better chest, shorter body, the tort looks better as well The only thing that looks like it could be improved r the eye circles. Lovely little buck :D
  2. polly

    How to NOT use a nestbox

    Rofl what a picture peg. Love it :D
  3. polly

    Help with breed?

    They are adorable peg. First thought is blue viennas? Which end up about size of the beverens (between 9 and 12 lbs fully grown) What sort of weight are they and size compared to say your hand? Could you fi one in your hand or would you need2 hands?
  4. polly

    ND young sr buck type crit

    Very nice. Bit flat down the back end if I want to get critical but I wouldn't kick him out of my shed ;) At this stage his ears are fully grown but his head isn't so looks fine to me.
  5. polly

    2 week old kits not being fed

    I think you will need to up how often you hand feed them to give them a chance.Though I'm not sure how many times a day you need to do it. Do you think mums feeding them at all?
  6. polly


    Perhaps she wasn't feeding them then. Or they had an underlying problem. It can happen unfortunately.
  7. polly

    Thought I'd resurrect the RO pregnancy thread

    You are really lucky you get to know the sex. We aren't allowed to ask where I stay. So it's either pay and go private or have a surprise lol
  8. polly

    Can anyone tell me what breed of rabbit this is?

    I'm sorry I don't know. What age is she? Just wondering if she is a mixed breed
  9. polly

    Champagne D'Argent

    Ooh you will need to post pics :) I love argentes. Am actually hoping to get a pair of blue argente nethies crossing my fingers I can get them at some point this year
  10. polly


    I'm sorry your post isn't very clear. I take it you mean the kits died? How old were they? You need to give us some more info to be able to help :)
  11. polly

    What age do you think kits should leave their mother?

    Flash Gordon wrote: That's fine in theory but if the mum gets fed up then she may well start nipping at the babies or trying to mate them for dominance which then stresses the babies out so for a lot of breeds 6 weeks is the norm as by then mum isn't feeding them anymore :) I have had...
  12. polly

    New herd buck

    Looks like he will have a lovely head on him :) what does he weigh just now Sabine?
  13. polly

    What age do you think kits should leave their mother?

    I usually separate around 6 weeks it depends on the doe and the litter tbh
  14. polly

    Can't decide which buck to show...

    Over here anyway if it was a junior you would get away with the undescended testicles so if he has the ear carriage and they were that similar I would probably go with him :)
  15. polly

    breeding tips

    The best tip I was given for overweight does is to cut feed out for 2 weeks and only feed unlimited hay at the end of 2 weeks the does will be raring to go works a treat with nethies. I do have a doe I don't breed any more she always lifted and took but never had a litter I think she just...
  16. polly

    Breeding help

    You need to have a look at her bits then. They look purple when she is ready to breed. If you swop her into the bucks cage for a few days so she gets the smell of him it might help
  17. polly

    Breeding help

    I have had rabbits that just dont seem to go together. I would try the buck to a different doe. You didnt say whether the doe was lifting her back end up. if she isnt then he can't penetrate her so he wont perform his full duty!!
  18. polly

    Vent disease

    When I first started breeding I bought in stock that had vent disease and it did end up doing its rounds before we realised the problem and what was wrong! It was penicillin we used and once they were clear it was fine. Give the 2 that are older longer and mae sure all signs and symptoms are...
  19. polly

    N.D. Critique and Opinions please

    very nice I hope she does well for you on the show table :) Im sure she will
  20. polly

    I don't know what to do...

    Peanuts struggle to suckle from what I have seen with my nethie litters. My first thought was peanut when I saw it as well the eyes give it away.