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  1. RosL


    You may find this helpful, including the links on the page
  2. RosL

    An appeal on behalf of Fairly Beloved Rabbit Rescue

    :bump: I saw this on another forum earler today. We are still able to vote. This is the only rabbit rescue in that part of Scotland and very much needs our support. It only takes a few moments to register and vote. >>>>Folks, Thanks for the support so far. RBS have extended the...
  3. RosL

    Please vote for Brinsley Animal Rescue

    Brinsley Animal Rescue is the only rescue for rabbits that is in the running for a prize payout from Feel Good Park. Please give them your vote. You can find the voting site here It would be nice to see an independent rescue get...
  4. RosL

    Moonpig needs a UK home

    Please see the document I've uploaded here Moonpig is a bun in care with the Society for Abandoned Animals in Manchester and needs a loving home. If you can offer that, please contact SAA. 0161 973 5318 or [email protected] or his foster carer on...
  5. RosL

    Vet in Alberquerque, New Mexico?

    Thanks. She's tried all that are within reach...but not found one yet from that list who lives up to the expected standard.
  6. RosL

    Vet in Alberquerque, New Mexico?

    A contact on a Yahoo group has need of a rabbit savvy vet in the Alberquerque area. Her rabbit is ill and to quote her, 'The exotic vets here seems to think we in the House Rabbit Society are a little wonky ourselves. They are reluctant to try things that weren't their ideas!' I've looked...
  7. RosL

    UK Members - Early Day Motion to end the factory farming of rabbits WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO END THE FACTORY FARMING OF RABBITS As you may be aware, Four Paws campaigns to end the factory farming of rabbits in cages throughout Europe. The welfare of farmed rabbits is in need of...
  8. RosL

    Hopping Mad e-Zine

    You may not know of Hopping Mad. It's packed full of information about rabbits. It can be found here
  9. RosL

    Appeal for Fife Rabbit Rescue

    I wish you all the best with this, Lapereau. I know how hard Kareen works with the rescue and how difficult it genuinely is to make ends meet and care for the many rabbits she rescues. Have you thought of and as ways of encouraging people to...
  10. RosL

    Beware alfalfa hay

    Yes, I only use grass hay too, but people with youngsters might use alfalfa to help them grow
  11. RosL

    Beware alfalfa hay This is every bit as dangerous for small furries as it is for horses. Please be very careful if you are feeding alfalfa hay whose source you aren't completely confident of. If it was harvested pre-flowering it should be fine, but after flowering...
  12. RosL

    Bournemouth area (UK)- buzzards warning

    Buzzards are birds of prey as well as eaters of carion, though the carion is a second choice for them. They are large and while a larger breed of rabbit probably couldn't be carried off, they can certainly be attacked and injured, as the example given shows. We do tend to have outdoor rabbits...
  13. RosL

    Here we go again!

    The point is, though, that she didn't palm them off onto somebody else because she believed they needed a better life...she did it because she considered them an inconvenience.
  14. RosL

    Here we go again!

    Cheyrul wrote: Yes, of course they should...but I can't see anything at all humerous in the reporter's comments. They might amuse some - but having had opinions on other forums as well as this one from other rabbit people, there are precious few who can see anything even vaguely funny about it...
  15. RosL

    Bournemouth area (UK)- buzzards warning

    This message is from a good friend of mine from a Yahoo group. The information was given to her by her vet, Tom Mowlem of Companion Care in Bournemouth. "There are three pairs of nesting buzzards in the Bournemouth area - a pair in the parkland behind us and two pairs in a nearby park. Tom said...
  16. RosL

    Here we go again!

    Cheyrul wrote: Who said keeping rabbits outside is abusive? I don't see that statement anywhere on this thread. I live in the UK. Most rabbits in this country live outside. Those living outside who are well looked after have spacious hutches or perhaps converted sheds with attached runs, all...
  17. RosL

    Here we go again!

    Could moderators please give their opinion as to who is being rude here?
  18. RosL

    Here we go again!

    Is that the excuse for your rudeness too?
  19. RosL

    Here we go again!

    Yurusumaji wrote: Well said. I hope her kids don't want ponies when they're older!
  20. RosL

    Here we go again!

    Cheyrul wrote: That's the whole point, isn't it, people expect rabbits to be cheap, easy care pets, and they're not. Nor are they suitable for children yet those who sell them try to aim at precisely that market and at impulse buyers, especially around Easter. Given the reality of the...