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  1. mdith4him

    Nibbles Congested?

    Hi everyone, It's been awhile since I've logged on!! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I've been sooo busy! I miss you guys, but hopefully I'll be a bit more active when Christmas break starts! Anyway, Nibbles has been making this weird breathing noise for over a week now. At first I...
  2. mdith4him

    Bunnies and Christmas :)

    I love Christmas, too! I will definitely be getting Christmas presents for the buns :) I'm not sure what I'll get yet...there are so many fun options! I think if I tried to decorate their cages they'd just pull it through the bars and eat it :P You have to post pictures of yours when it's...
  3. mdith4him


    Seriously...and Nibbles knew it! The first raisin I gave him when he came out of the pen he grabbed and then ran back in before I could close the gate!! I had to lure him out twice, the little bugger... My mission is now to get all three bunnies flopping and compile them into one video...
  4. mdith4him

    Being Overprotective?

    EDIT: Double post.
  5. mdith4him

    Being Overprotective?

    Good grief. Don't have any grandkids for her any time soon... I agree with Jenny--who cares about her past rabbit experience. You are the one in charge of your rabbit and you get to make the rules. If you tell her not to do something and she goes to do it, stop her! Say no, block her...
  6. mdith4him

    When does everyone put their Christmas trees up?

    We've never had a real tree (growing up, that is), but mom used to buy a real pine wreath to hang above the fireplace. It added the pine smell to things, but there was no 'up keep.' Maybe a wreath would be small enough to not affect your asthma, but would still give you the scent? I think she...
  7. mdith4him

    When does everyone put their Christmas trees up?

    When I was growing up, we used to put it up one of the last couple days in November, so it was ready to go by December 1st. I think because this year Thanksgiving was pretty early (we still have a week of November left!) it seems too early for Christmas stuff somehow. Nowadays, me and the...
  8. mdith4him


    Hey everyone, I'm so excited! I FINALLY got a bunny flop on film!! I posted the video (along with some other stuff) on my blog just now. Check it out!
  9. mdith4him

    A Very Bunny Existence I finally got a flop on film!! Very excited :)
  10. mdith4him

    What is thanksgiving day?

    The Pilgrims were a religious group from England who wanted to worship God in their own manner (and didn't want to follow the English king's religious laws). They came to the "New World" for religious freedom. When they arrived in the New England area in late fall they didn't have many...
  11. mdith4him

    Middle Name Quiz

    Fun game!! Your middle name starts with: E Famous artist/band/musician: Europe (famous for their song, "The Final Countdown") 4-letter word: Euro Country: Estonia Boy name: Edward Girls Name: Eleanor Animal: Elephant Something in the kitchen: Elbow macaroni! Reason for...
  12. mdith4him

    Swiffer's 10 wk photos!

    AHHHH!!! Little puff ball!! So cute! Thanks for sharing the pics :)
  13. mdith4him

    pretty sweet cage

    That's pretty good for a pet store-style cage. You could buy a lot of NIC grid boxes or an x-pen for that much, though, and could build an even bigger cage.
  14. mdith4him

    Bunny awareness

    Brandy, do you mean Crispin (my black and white bun)? We were told he's probably a mix of an English Spot and a dwarf bunny of some sort. And since I'm allowed to gush over all my bunnies...:biggrin: Junie! She's a Netherland Dwarf. We got her from a bunny farm (a nice one!) on New Year's...
  15. mdith4him

    Bunny awareness

    Love all these pictures and stories!! Brandy, I can't believe some of the backgrounds your bunnies's so sad. How can someone mistreat these sweet animals like that?? I'm glad they're with you know and have a great life! Here are my two rescues (Junie's from a farm): Crispin (English...
  16. mdith4him

    Box Kingdoms

    Our bunnies didn't eat the tape. I did watch to make sure, since obviously ingesting tape wouldn't be good for them. I tried to tape it in places where they wouldn't be able to chew on initially, so that helped. They chewed the edges, but once it gets too chewed up (or they start chewing too...
  17. mdith4him

    Baby Bunny Behavior

    Sounds like a sweet bunny!! Our bunnies have never showed any cage aggression, but it is something that bunnies can sometimes develop. Hopefully yours will stay content and feel safe with you :)
  18. mdith4him

    Box Kingdoms

    This is the coolest thing ever!!!! I am definitely starting a box collection. Thanks for the pictures and directions!
  19. mdith4him

    NIbbles Acting Odd

    Here's the update on how Nibbles has done today (from the hubby, since I was at work until about 30 minutes ago): He ate all his pellets from his bowl (plus a few extra hubby gave him by hand). He's eaten a bit of hay and drank some water, but much less than usual and only when offered it by...
  20. mdith4him

    NIbbles Acting Odd

    Thanks! He seems to be better this morning. He's eaten some of his pellets (though not as many as he typically does) and was jumping around when he saw me come out to the living room. It doesn't look like he's eaten much hay or drank much water overnight and I can't tell that he's pooped all...