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  1. bunbunbuns

    2 Month old baby bunny

    Hi! I’m fostering a 2 month old baby bunny, since she’s pretty young, what are some ways to get her used to humans and become friendlier? she’s a lion head/lop mix
  2. bunbunbuns

    Help Me With My Future Buns!

    as the person above me said, you should look into getting a bunny from a rescue near you. i found my bonded pair on Petfinder. rescues are really good because they are always there if you have any questions/emergencies, plus most of the time the rabbits are already fixed for treats, anything...
  3. bunbunbuns

    Rehoming a rabbit

    there are some rescues in IL that i found that take rabbits, an idea would be to foster the rabbit until she finds a home. you could post her on Petfinder and in rehoming facebook groups good luck :)
  4. bunbunbuns

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    cotton and gigi's flop ❤️
  5. bunbunbuns

    I need some ideas for toys please

    palm leaf bowls are pretty cheap, the bunnies chew them and humans can also use them as bowls...
  6. bunbunbuns

    Bucky’s Golden Years

    For me getting my rabbits from my rescue took about a month but thats not including doing foster to adopt which takes a month also Good luck!
  7. bunbunbuns

    Got'cha Day!

    well you could you buy them some hideouts, Cosys Castles has really cute ones
  8. bunbunbuns

    Cotton & Gigi

    ❤️ ❤️
  9. bunbunbuns

    Cotton & Gigi

    Hi! i got my two first bunnies, Cotton & Gigi, 4/28/23 (5 days ago!) ill try to update you guys on how they are doing and whats happening on this blog info: bonded pair, mother and son, spayed + neutered, 2 and 1 yrs old, i got them from a rescue near me some pictures!: Gigi is gray and white...
  10. bunbunbuns

    Get to know each other game!

    im not sure, i know id like to be a doctor so maybe a vet? TPBM has reptile(s) i have 4 turtles!
  11. bunbunbuns

    New Bunnies!

    Hi! i'm getting a bonded pair later today i've heard of people putting a shirt that they've worn recently to get the bunnies used to your scent, does that work? Is there anything else i could do?
  12. bunbunbuns

    Free Rabbits to Good Home Reading, Pa

    at my rescue they have something called "foster to adopt" where you foster/take care of the rabbit for 4 weeks and after those weeks you decide if you want to keep or bring back the rabbit to the rescue. During the trial they take the rabbit off of websites like petfinder
  13. bunbunbuns

    Peeing in same spot but litter trained

    Are they neutered?
  14. bunbunbuns

    Hello from Zion and Fuzzy!

    very cute! where did yiu get the castle thing in the back?
  15. bunbunbuns

    Rabbit Beds

    Where could i find good rabbit beds? i have a bonded pair of american rabbits and everything i find seems to be too small
  16. bunbunbuns

    Archaeologist Rabbits

  17. bunbunbuns

    Cage Ideas

    since im getting a bunny soon, please post some of your cages or cage ideas! i just want to make sure im getting everything right and nothing is missing 😊
  18. bunbunbuns

    Good Rabbit Websites

    by hides i mean places to hide, lol
  19. bunbunbuns

    Good Rabbit Websites

    Im going to get a bunny soon and i want to know some of the best websites to get hides, toys, etc. Something like rabbits101 ty :)