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  1. Watermelons

    Pellet information.

    Ask the company 😉 If that's the case it's not a food I would feed an adult. Each rabbit has their own needs for protein, fat, calcium, etc. Best to look at everything and find whats best for your rabbit
  2. Watermelons

    Hip dysplasia due to lack of floor traction surface

    Id be more worried about some type of spinal/neuro issue causing this. In a healthy adult rabbit, legs dont just suddenly splay from a lack of traction. Most rabbits would avoid the surface all together if its too slippy. But would be able to walk on it with no issues. I would consider a visit...
  3. Watermelons

    Please help!! Aggressive rabbit!!?

    5 months is "mature" in the rabbit world. If the relationship was already on the rocks bringing the new rabbit home likely did things in. Doesn't matter if they cant see each other. You will most likely have to cage the pair totally away from each other and give them some divorce space for...
  4. Watermelons

    Please help!! Aggressive rabbit!!?

    Im not sure if youve mentioned it previously but are these 2 both spayed and neutered? And you also just brought home another mature rabbit?
  5. Watermelons

    For Sale Sore hock booties!

    What about sewing a patch to the bottoms of the non slip fabric they use for the feet of onesies and such? You could make it an add on charge as requested.
  6. Watermelons

    Apple Cider Vinegar for rabbits?

    I wouldnt ever put something like that in their water. If they dont like the taste you can cause all sorts of issues because they will now be drinking less water. With rabbits we want to encourage water drinking.
  7. Watermelons

    New Fishies

    Thats how i feel when i try and take photos of my shrimp! Nevermind when theyhave babies.
  8. Watermelons

    New Fishies

  9. Watermelons

    Why Has My Rabbit Started Slobbering

    Does he drool ever when hes not eating? Has he ever seen a vet? He may need to have his Teeth checked.
  10. Watermelons

    Should i take my rabbit to the vet or let it heal by itself?

    Laying down on his stomach and pressing his stomach to the ground are 2 very different things. Im really not sure what youre asking about needing to heal? It sounds like from your posts you either need to contain him better or do a lot more rabbit proofing.
  11. Watermelons

    Spider in hay from farmer

    Any and all hay has the chance to find a spider. Dead animals. Mites. Etc. The stuff in bags isnt from a sterile factory. It comes from fields too. You could freeze it to try and kill anything else off but its just nature. Keep feeding it youre fine.
  12. Watermelons

    Male Rabbit Neutered but no poop!? HELP

    First you need to stop him from touching the surgical site. 2nd. Be patient. Hes eating and moving so thats good. Lay off the sugary stuff and push hay and water. Keep an eye on him and just see what happens for now.
  13. Watermelons

    BS? Reaction to sutures

    A bit of bloody or clear discharge can be normal. Even more common if they are active after surgery. Reactions can be instant. Its something the body doesnt like coming into contact with tissue. It can absolutely cause the suture to rip out internally and again even more likely if she was...
  14. Watermelons

    Should I consider a second surgery for my girls?

    I would look into having an ultrasound done to confirm. Because unless you personally spoke directly to the vet, i would not believe the uterus was left in. What usually happens is people speak to a staff member at a clinic who words something incorrectly. Look how many clinics tell people to...
  15. Watermelons

    Should I consider a second surgery for my girls?

    That just seems so bizarre that any vet would do that surgery, and on rabbits of all animals. There is zero pro to keeping the uterus. "Sparing" surgery typically keeps the ovaries for the sake of the hormones and removes the tubes or way for eggs to get to uterus. How did you confirm that...
  16. Watermelons

    New member!

  17. Watermelons

    My rabbit keeps peeing on my bed and i dont know how to prevent it

    Stop letting him on the bed. Rabbit proof your room. Rabbits tend to like peeing/pooping on soft surfaces. If hes not neutered that might help.... but if its happened a few times its probably habbit now.
  18. Watermelons

    Protein levels? Hay recommendations?

    It will likely become harder and harder to switch to a regular hay. Young rabbits do not NEED alfalfa hay if they have a proper young rabbit pellet. So what your vet said is fine. Theres no need to keep buying it. Rabbits being "adult" depends on their breed/size. Around 6 months is usually...
  19. Watermelons

    Help identifying the breed

    Rabbits arent like dogs where you can often easily distinguish different breeds in a mix. Your rabbit is a mix. Possibly with lionhead or some other long furred breed. And no not rex.
  20. Watermelons

    Will something happen if rabbit groomed themselves after being lightly bathed with a rabbit shampoo?

    Please dont bath your rabbit. That was totally unnecessary. A healthy rabbit can groom themselves and groom off any mess theyve made. Just throw the bottle out please.