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  1. Taelle Far

    Pee staining on feet

    My buck loves to lie on his back. Drives me crazy sometimes because he flops down, rolls to his back and lies there with his mouth partially open, which makes him look dead. Even though I know what he's up to, when I walk out and see him like that in the middle of the lawn, I have to go over a...
  2. Taelle Far

    Rabbit Safe Vines

    I had a grape vine in another part of the yard. It's always been a problem with caterpillars. I was afraid to spray it this year because of the new bunnies though, and I think the caterpillars managed to kill it. Hoping it will come back from the roots. Grapes are a possibility, though was...
  3. Taelle Far

    Rabbit Safe Vines

    I've put a dog "igloo" in my back yard to give my bunnies an extra place to hang out when they are playing outside (they love it) - but it's not very attractive. I'd like to grow a vine or trailing ground cover over the top of it, preferably to completely hide it. Any suggestions for a vine...