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    $500 for a Teddywidder?

    This is what they are
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    $500 for a Teddywidder?

    This is Jon Snow. My male bunny haha.
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    $500 for a Teddywidder?

    The maintenance is a lot. They are insanely cute and look like stuffed animals. I somehow ended up finding my teddywidders with good genes and pedigrees. I have spoke to some and read it's hard to find two good qualify teddywidder bunnies to mate and end up with a good batch of buns. Both...
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    Vet Spay Prices in Houston Area

    Loop 494 animal Hospital is affordable and does female rabbits for $390. They are located in Humble
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    $500 for a Teddywidder?

    Where are you located? My teddywidder just had babies yesterday. They are full breed American teddywidders with great genes. Both my male and female cane with pedigrees so these Lil buns will too. I got them from a breeder who also sells them for $500 depending on the color! This is my...