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    Local zoo needs some education, I think....

    Well done for offering to help - i really hope they take you up on the offer :D The poor bunny looks bored out of its mind :(
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    A belated tribute to my beloved Qingqing

    Gosh she was a beautiful bunny - she was lucky to have such a caring bun-mum like you. I'm so sorry for your loss, you must miss her terribly :(
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    Online Hay

    Lucky you! i'd love a house full of buns! :D Good luck with finding the hay :clapping:
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    Online Hay

    Flashy wrote: I know how you feel! the alfalfa king hay i buy (which is the only ones mine eat) i get from a pet shop about 25 mins away from where i live and it costs £8.95 a bag - but i only have 2 buns so i guess thats why it lasts a bit longer. How many buns do you have - if you dont...
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    Online Hay

    Flashy wrote: Do you have any local horse suppliers nearby - or a local petshop? My dust free hay hasnt come so i've just had to go down to the petshop and they had some lovely green hay in Otherwise if you like i can send you some of my hay for over xmas? :D
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    Online Hay

    mouse_chalk wrote: Try pampered piggies - the toys and treats they have on there for bunnies is amazing and everything is sent by courier for £4 flat rate. Sally who owns the site is lovely too and always sends lots of freebies to try out. She has lots of willow toys on there at the mo...
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    Online Hay

    Ah ok....sorry about that. Urm..i cant think of anymore places that sell hay online cheaply as they charge a fortune for postage :?The dust free hay includes the postage which is why i buy it from there but i know what you mean about the other ones. I have had hay from a local farm shop...
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    Online Hay

    Hi Tracy :wave: These are all the places i use: - the alfalfa king hay on here is brilliant and lasts ages! I've had the oat, wheat and barley hay for over a month now! Otherwise - try This hay is fantastic and...
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    An apology...and hopefully a new start

    Sorry everyone...i didnt realise the forum was having blips. Ok, i'll start again :D I'd like to aplogise profoundly for my behaviour on this forum in the past, my posts have been sometimes nasty and for that i am truly sorry :( Thank you to Pipp and Flashy for being friends, and i hope i...
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    Brac had her litter

    ThatsMySimi wrote: After this post i'm leaving this forum and this thread but.......i cant believe the same 'mistake' was made twice. Bracon told people after Bracon bunny supposedly lost her babies that she was having her spayed - why was she put back with the male bunny? It just seems she...
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    Brac had her litter

    Ivory wrote: And to quote: "Bracon had a miscarrigea few days ago, Ive not talked about it because...
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    Brac had her litter

    Celestial Wind wrote: Just what i thought....... Cant believe Bracon got pregnant. Again.
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    Cool Lionhead Video

    Phinnsmommy wrote: Totally agree Phinnsmommy :XI was quite disgusted at that video.
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    Oh, woe is me...

    Aww your so lucky! do you want to come and live where i am and i'll live where you are? :biggrin2: We've been told its going to be one of the coldest winters yet here in the UK - i hate winter!! boo hoo :( Our car was even frosted up this morning, and work was freezing! you could see your...
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    a tale of 2 kindred souls

    Gosh that is a small dog! I think Finn is bigger than him! :D Glad they all get on!